DiscoverTheNEWPhenomenologistsTheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 1.
TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 1.

TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 1.

Update: 2019-10-07


Show Intro. Summary of show's topics, along with a notation on the transition of the show's host from robot to human.

One-hit wonders. Experiencing phenomenology.
A song sung by E-dit on one method for experiencing phenomenology.

What's happening? The cocktail party effect and phenomenology.
The Cocktail Party Effect is described, and utilized as a means of introducing the basic process of phenomenology.

Experience this! 47.098430, -122.152747
Practice phenomenology on the sounds from geographic locations throughout Washington State. This segment comes from 47.098430, -122.152747 outside of Orting, Washington along the the Foothills Trail.

Advice from our human ancestors. Narcissus, and you.
A song sung by Edmud. Its lyrics are reflections on Sigmund Freud's interpretation and integration of the Narcissus myth.

Becoming oneself. David R. Harrington, PhD
A first-person description of the (probable) process through which Dr. David R. Harrington became who is is today… now mostly retired, and recently Dean of Instruction at Front Range Community College in Longmont, Colorado. He also served as Professor and Dean of Academic Affairs at Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka, Alaska. Before that, he taught at the University of Alaska Southeast, Central Methodist College, and the College of Idaho.

What have you been doing? David R. Harrington, PhD
Dr. David R. Harrrington discusses his scholarship on the writings of Emmanuel Levinas, and extends his thoughts to both everyday experience, as well as the crises facing humanity during the first quarter of the 21st Century.

Music for our non-corporeal descendants. On Robot Directive #1010.1: The advice of David R. Harrington, PhD.
Selections of advice from David R. Harrington, PhD, distilled from his reflections.

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TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 1.

TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 1.

Teh Dŭk!tər (Dr. Tim Lower) and his robot companions.