DiscoverTheNEWPhenomenologistsTheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 5.
TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 5.

TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 5.

Update: 2019-11-04


Show introduction.
An interrupted summary of this episode's topics, which include examination of the influence that "geists," such as the zeitgeist and ortgeist, may have on our daily and seasonal moods. Also in today's show is a spotlight on the life-to-date, work, and advice of Steen Halling, PhD.

What's Happening?
Geists and weekly patterns in anxiety.
Google Trends ( is utilized to demonstrate the way that geists may influence weekly patterns in anxiety in the United States during the early 21st Century. Such patterns are then compared to typical conceptualizations of anxiety in an individualistic society, and new avenues for the reduction of anxiety are discussed. Hegel's Phenomenology of the Spirit is referenced along the way.

Being here.
Geist influenced seasonal changes in mood.
Google Trends ( is again utilized to understand geist influenced seasonal changes in mood among those in the United States and Australia. Seasonal affective disorder is explained, and psychological accommodations for seasonal changes are discussed. 

Becoming oneself.
Steen Halling, PhD
A first-person description of the process through which Dr. Steen Halling became who he is today… Licensed Psychologist, Professor Emeritus of Seattle University, pioneer of phenomenological methods, and author of numerous works on coming to better understand each other and the experiences in our lives.

What have you been doing?
Steen Halling, PhD
Dr. Steen Halling discusses dialogal phenomenology, a method invented by he and others in the course of trying to better understand the experience of forgiveness. After discussion on his method, Dr. Halling turns to description of the findings from his studies on forgiveness, and provides suggestions for forgiving ourselves and each others. 

Advice from our human ancestors.
On Robot Directive #1010.11: The advice of Steen Halling, PhD.
Selections of advice from Steen Halling, PhD, distilled from his reflections.

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TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 5.

TheNEWPhenomenologists: Season 1, episode 5.

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