There's no Perfect Day to Start

There's no Perfect Day to Start

Update: 2020-12-22


Hello again Apartment Friends. It’s Leslie Mathis with the Multifamily Streamlined Podcast. If you missed the last episode which dropped on the 18th we have just started a 4 part series. With 2020 coming to an end and the thought of some of you completing the hardest year in the business. Perhaps this has been the hardest year for all of us in multifamily I wanted to do something a little different. We will continue with our condensed version of podcast but over the next 2 weeks with a focus on getting started. The Series will include:

  • The Art of getting Started
  • There’s no perfect day to start
  • You can’t finish what you do not start
  • No More Excuses

We have discussed the art of getting started and today we will discuss - theres’s no perfect day to start. You’ve heard many times when people say they are going to start their diet on Monday. More times than not you self sabotage yourself until Monday gets here making getting started that much harder. You’ve heard the saying theres no time like the present or today is just as good as any. Well I believe all of that to be true so lets just get started. If you don’t think you can dedicate the time to complete the full plan or even get started let me tell you just putting 1 minute towards getting started is getting started. 









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There's no Perfect Day to Start

There's no Perfect Day to Start

Leslie Mathis