DiscoverDeeper Meaning Time - A Mindful Motivational PodcastThinker Series Episode 12 - Our Connected World/Remote Viewing
Thinker Series Episode 12 - Our Connected World/Remote Viewing

Thinker Series Episode 12 - Our Connected World/Remote Viewing

Update: 2018-10-25


Folks this episode is to highlight how our world and our society has become so connected through all kinds of means from, the internet, news, cable and tv. As well as through our minds and through particles and waves. All of these interconnections are real and we need to recognize these connections and how they impact our lives so we can make sure we aren't creating a world connected for the worst. We need to focus on creating a safe and effective connected world for our future or we will become enslaved to our connections. With all these connections, remote viewers have the ability to tap into this realm where our minds and life is connected. Remote viewing is a real thing and something we are all capable of doing with practice and patience, but the point is is we are all connected and realizing this we can then construct a future where this connectedness benefits all of us.

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Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Deeper Meaning Time. Your guide to insight, knowledge, and inspiration that will keep you thinking throughout your every day. Through our conversations to come, we will uncover some of the deepest meanings time has to offer. That is the goal here, to seek out those crazy thoughts that most of us have and do nothing with. Thoughts that maybe could one day become reality. No matter whether or not you agree with me or think I’m crazy or out of my mind this is just about understanding the world around me and making a discussion of my own thoughts. What the idea or thought is you might have, each one is important and is the step towards a greater understanding of the life that surrounds us and continues on for all of us indefinitely as we race through our universe through time and space.

Disclaimer: This is my first ever solo audio blog I’ve ever done. I enjoy writing and I enjoy talking about some crazy thoughts from time to time so i decided that this might be a good outlet to bring others in on the conversation and really dive deep into some mysterious of our existence and dive into those deeper meanings we all have and want to share, but sadly we don’t. With each new episode of Deeper Meaning Time I aim to better my skills as an editor, communicator, and entertainer, as i aspire to develop this into something we can all use as a tool to better ourselves and our understandings of what takes place around us from the earth to our next door neighbor within our beautiful universe. Thanks for taking the time to listen, I hope you enjoy this episode of Deeper Meaning Time. Listen and take what you will from this episode but within it is a deeper meaning, its up to you whether or not you believe it.

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Thinker Series Episode 12 - Our Connected World/Remote Viewing

Thinker Series Episode 12 - Our Connected World/Remote Viewing

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