DiscoverTED Talks DailyThis could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari
This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari

This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari

Update: 2021-08-24413


In a moving talk, journalist Johann Hari shares fresh insights on the causes of depression and anxiety from experts around the world -- as well as some exciting emerging solutions. "If you're depressed or anxious, you're not weak and you're not crazy -- you're a human being with unmet needs," Hari says.
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Ali fathi

"depression is not a malfunction;it's an honourable signal". golden sentence for me in this great speech.i really think the whole time about my own feeling when I start to listen to this ted talk and really I agree in this dark days because of the Corona disease that make people more isolated,we need to know it is more necessary to listen to that signal.

Sep 9th

Anna Great

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Aug 25th

Negar adib

thank u

Apr 23rd

Zohaib Ahmed

I love this.

Jan 25th

Stephanie Nguyen

Creating a tribe is for sure not something easily done anymore. For example, tribes might be created from the childhood friends you grew up with. However, the way the US job market is set up, it's inevitable that individuals will get displaced from their tribe, and for quite some time too. Think of what college does or having to move based on availability of job opportunities around the world. In turn, a lot of Americans relay on building loose bonds with people that are proximal and relevant to their particular life stage that is temporary and changing. Should the bonds of your tribal group be life-lasting or shorter and purpose-serving to a personal goal? How and why do YOU form tribes and widen your tribe to include more people?

Jan 19th

Catherine Lillos

this hits home so much for me. thank you!

Oct 5th

ikognito boi

This is a test

Sep 22nd
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Danielle De Lima Kristiansen

What a great podcast!!

Sep 22nd

Thamo Thamo


Sep 19th

Sara Wallace

It is so important for people to hear this! My mum is a long time sufferer of depression, and she is entirely consumed by the idea that there is nothing she can do and that her brain "is just wired wrong" as Hari says. Accepting that depression arrives as a result of something and not because you are born that way is the first step in being able to work toward remedying any pain or suffering or loneliness <3

Sep 19th
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This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari

This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari

Johann Hari