DiscoverShamelessThis one’s for Bruno
This one’s for Bruno

This one’s for Bruno

Update: 2022-06-013


Hiya pals!

On today’s show: It turns out a bunch of Mormon TikTok influencers were partial to a bitta swinging, and the fallout has been oh so juicy. Then, Bec Judd’s Instagram Story about crime sparks a reply from the State Premier, Ellen Degeneres bids farewell to her talk show, the MAFS kissing video that we’d never like to hear about again, and THEN! We open the Shameless mailbag: what the hell do you do if your best friend says your wedding is becoming a huge financial burden?

This week, Mich recommended rewatching Little Women on Netflix. Zara recommended signing up to Eleanor Halls’ newsletter, PassTheAux.

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This one’s for Bruno

This one’s for Bruno

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