DiscoverHacking Your LeadershipThoughtful Thursdays: Do you have any Leadership resolutions for 2020?
Thoughtful Thursdays: Do you have any Leadership resolutions for 2020?

Thoughtful Thursdays: Do you have any Leadership resolutions for 2020?

Update: 2019-12-26


Have you considered making any Leadership resolutions for 2020? Should you?. On this week's #ThoughtfulThursdays episode, Lorenzo starts a new tradition and shares his Leadership goals for 2020.

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Hey everyone this is Lorenzo from hacking your leadership and welcome to another thoughtful Thursday episode! 

Happy holidays and happy New Year and Chris and I hope you got some to celebrate with those you love!

Thanks to all of you that have shared our Podcast on your social media and tagged us so we know that you are supporting and special thanks to those of you that have given us a review on your podcast listening platform. Hacking Your Leadership continues to grow because of listeners like you and we so greatly appreciate when you not only subscribe, download and listen to the show but when you take the time to share with your friends, family and followers. 

As we wrap up 2019, I wanted to talk about goals for the New Year and/or resolutions that you may have. According to the internet, A New Year's resolution is a tradition, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life. 

I always set 3 lofty goals to accomplish every year and this year I’’m happy to announce that I accomplished 1 and the other 2 are in the works!

However, I’ve never considered Leadership related goals so I figured what I great way to start a new tradition and share them publicly to maybe inspire a few of you to do the same. 

So here we go;

Leadership goal #1 Read 6 new books this year. Now to some people that might be a weekend. But for me I prefer audio books, podcasts and youtube videos, so I am committing to actually reading cover to cover 6 new leadership books. Now this will be super helpful to this podcast because Chris and I have discussed doing book reviews and this will be a fun way to meet a goal and share my thoughts with all of you!

Goal #2 Spend an hour a month speaking with one of my mentors about my current thoughts on leadership and being open to be challenged to learn. I spend allot of time talking to my people, my peers and those that work with me frequently, I don’t have a current strategy to make sure I am consistently checking in with my mentors to bounce ideas and discuss current philosophies of leadership.

And Goal #3 Review my notes and touch bases with my people from 2018 and follow up with where they are today and help to connect dots from where they were to where they are now. Many of us are so good at reflecting over the past few months or maybe we are really good at thinking of a year while doing reviews, but to look back to 2 years ago may provide a different perspective and really allow for amazing growth conversations and dialogue.

Hope you enjoyed this episode and if you have any goals that you would like to set for yourself, please feel free to post them to the world, send them to us or just write them down somewhere!

Thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you all next time!

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Thoughtful Thursdays: Do you have any Leadership resolutions for 2020?

Thoughtful Thursdays: Do you have any Leadership resolutions for 2020?

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