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Thriving Family, Thriving Business

Thriving Family, Thriving Business

Update: 2020-02-03


It doesn't do you any good to have a thriving business, when important parts of your personal life are in turmoil. And one of the crucial cornerstones to truly enjoying your business success is when your family life is thriving. Which is exactly what today's experts can help you experience. 

Lindsay Seitter can help you start your family by helping women to get pregnant naturally (even if you've struggled with other methods for years). Lisa Disciullo reveals incisive avenues raising respectful, responsible, independent children. Karen Thomas reveals a true breakthrough in helping your child recover from Autism.


About the Guests:

Lindsay Seitter, CNP, is a holistic certified Nurse Practioner and fertility consultant who helps women get pregnant naturally by getting the root cause of hormonal imbalances, PCOS, and infertility. She is passionate about going on mission trips where she loves bringing healing to the body, mind, and spirit. Learn more at

When Karen Thomas' son was diagnosed with Autism, she was told to drug him, but Karen's background as a craniosacral therapist let her know the brain could heal so she began her own research, and today her son no longer has his symptoms of Autism. Learn how at

Lisa Disciullo of Parenting Matters NJ, is a Parenting Coach and Certified PEP Trainer. She helps parents develop positive parenting tools and strategies that build harmonious families and enable children to grow into confident, independent, and resilient adults through private coaching and classes. For more information, visit









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Thriving Family, Thriving Business

Thriving Family, Thriving Business

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