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TikTok for Learning and Development

TikTok for Learning and Development

Update: 2022-04-27


According to Monica Gragg, "Microlearning. will be redefined by TikTok." And she may be on to something. Since its introduction in May 2020, the TikTok hashtag, #learnontiktok, has had more than 271 billion views. People are learning everything and anything under the sun, 15 seconds at a time.

In this episode, we discuss TikTok for L&D, L&D in the Metaverse, and a whole lot more.                                                                                                                                  

Today's Guest: Monica Gragg

As Head of Learning Delivery at Sitel, Monica Gragg is responsible for overseeing a team that designs, develops, and implements client training programs. In her role, she also focuses on researching and utilizing emerging technologies to create innovative solutions.

With the belief that knowledge is the currency of the world, Monica has worked in every facet of adult learning, from startups and nonprofits to higher education and now corporate training. She has created more than a thousand online courses, led the development of an educational app, and authored an eLearning book for EdTech founders. Her passion for education facilitated an international career, living in seven different countries.

Offline, she is the co-founder of a droning education platform for women and a family fund that provides college scholarships to minorities. Monica is a nationally ranked Strongman athlete.

Education: Masters's Degree in Education, UX/UI Design Certificate, MPS in Data Analytics and Visualization (2022).









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TikTok for Learning and Development

TikTok for Learning and Development

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