Tim McAuliffe

Tim McAuliffe

Update: 2022-01-10


You would be hard-pressed to find a more impressive cross-border comedy resume than that of writer-producer Tim McAuliffe. The Montreal native’s list of credits includes The Office, The Last Man on Earth, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, MacGruber, This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Corner Gas.

His latest production is co-creating Son of a Critch, which is already off to an impressive start on CBC. 

The Tuesday night sitcom stars Mark Critch and is based on his memoir about growing up in Newfoundland. McAuliffe and Critch first met as writers 16 years ago on 22 Minutes. After Critch wrote his book, McAuliffe said that is a TV show, and the two made it so.

McAuliffe did not set out to write for the likes of Critch, Will Forte, Jimmy Fallon, Brent Butt or Steve Carell. He was working in advertising when a video he made in an effort to unload his clunky ’88 Dodge Aires went viral. Soon he was helping to launch Video on Trial and other shows for MuchMusic.

Without an agent or a manager (or a Green Card) he managed to land a job writing for Fallon. It all started when he dropped off a package full of jokes at the 30 Rock reception desk in Manhattan. The rest of that story is one of the great eye openers of a fun conversation. Listen to it now at Brioux.tv the podcast.









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Tim McAuliffe

Tim McAuliffe

Son of a Critch showrunner Tim McAuliffe