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Time is Money, Build a Plan

Time is Money, Build a Plan

Update: 2020-06-151


Thinking Through Starting a Business  

In this episode, herdacious host Lorelei chats with April Michaud-Willis, EdD, about tackling the business startup process. Dr. April breaks down that process into five categories for women to follow in order to kickstart their entrepreneurial journeys: the ultimate goal, logistics, marketing, numerical goal setting, and finances. As we learn the nuances of being successful businesswomen, Dr. April emphasizes the importance of intentional planning so that we can enliven our dreams and manifest fulfilling enterprises. 

Host: Lorelei Gonzalez
Co-host: Dr. April Michaud-Willis

Dr. April Michaud-Willis is an author, business consultant, and career coach who is currently working on course-building for startups. With over 10 years of experience in leadership, business, finance, and operations, Dr. April is driven by the need to achieve high expectations and is passionate about empowering her clients to reach their fullest potential.

Things you will learn in this episode (chapter markers available):  

  • Preliminary steps to entrepreneurship 1:15
  • Five steps to business success 2:15  
  • A businesswoman’s guide to gender obstacles 12:10  
  • Goal setting practices 16:10
  • Paralyzed by perfectionism 25:35  
  • Tips for female entrepreneurs 27:50
  • Femme fact: Ella Baker 30:45

Resources mentioned in this episode:  

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Time is Money, Build a Plan

Time is Money, Build a Plan