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Time is Money, Follow Your Heart

Time is Money, Follow Your Heart

Update: 2020-06-01


Follow Your Intuition and Get That Bread

In this episode, herdacious host Lorelei chats with Jen Shultz about how following our instincts can lead to long-term career satisfaction. Jen emphasizes the importance of tuning into our intuition so we can take the next best step in breaking from career dissatisfaction. As we learn to trust ourselves and our intuition, Jen encourages us to seek financial stability in creative and, sometimes, untraditional ways to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. 

Host: Lorelei Gonzalez
Co-host: Jen Shultz

Jen Shultz is the founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five, a company that coaches professionals who want to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. After a teaching career at a New York City charter school, Jen found herself struggling with depression and anxiety due to dissatisfaction with her job. Seeking a career change - though still passionate about teaching - Jen founded The Non-Nine-to-Five where she is passionate about supporting professionals navigating career change. 

Things you will learn in this episode (chapter markers available):  

  • Jen’s journey to The Non-Nine-to-Five 2:20
  • 6 steps to The Non-Nine-to-Five life 5:52
  • Trusting yourself 11:20
  • Make money creatively 14:44
  • Follow your instincts 18:01  
  • Pitfalls of ignoring intuition 20:44
  • The Next Best Step 23:30
  • Femme fact: Women-only press conferences 25:30

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Time is Money, Follow Your Heart

Time is Money, Follow Your Heart