DiscoverFind The MagicTimeless Practices That Carry Us Into Each New Year
Timeless Practices That Carry Us Into Each New Year

Timeless Practices That Carry Us Into Each New Year

Update: 2022-01-05


As the year changes from one to the other, we have decided that it is a good time, instead of focusing on a bunch of new ideas and goals, to explore and motivate ourselves to deepen practices that have withstood the test of time, both in our own lives and in humanity for decades, centuries, and even millennia. We discuss what it means to create a life of joy and purpose through caring for ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually, and how we can also approach our outward circumstances and embrace the gift of service as we welcome 2022.


Finding Motivation to Claim Your Personal Power Hour

Make Your Morning Routine Happen!

Morning Routines for a 30 Day Transformation with Taralyn

Hone Your Morning Routine with Felica

Our Daily Meditation: this is the meditation that Taralyn does every morning. You simply push play and she walks you through it. It’s an easy way to get yourself into the habit.


The Artist’s Way // Julia Cameron


MamaZen: Mindful Parenting App

If you’re experiencing impatience, anger, anxiety, and feel frustrated with your kids, then you need to get this app. MamaZen will teach you how to control your negative emotions so you can deal with your kids’ difficult behavior with more love and patience. You’ll feel calmer, happier, and more connected to your kids. Some of our favorite sessions are Reduce Mom’s Guilt, Patience for Never Ending Bedtime, and Overcome Anxi​​ety and Overwhelm. Sessions are only 2-15 minutes long, and even 1-2 times a week makes a huge difference.

Go to your app store and download MamaZen today. Use PROMO CODE: magic to get full, unlimited FREE access for 30 days!

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Review of the week from GreenMamaDoc:

Just wanted to say Thank You! I very much appreciate you. Your words are always genuine, non-judgemental and thought provoking. I have actually never missed an episode. I love the mindfulness you bring to parenting and the reminder to care for ourselves during this journey of motherhood. I have taken up yoga and have been getting up earlier thanks to you both. Please know you are making a difference in this world, for the better. Thank you for sharing your light.


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Timeless Practices That Carry Us Into Each New Year

Timeless Practices That Carry Us Into Each New Year

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