DiscoverDr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting PodcastTinnitus "Ringing in the Ears" is an Insulin Problem
Tinnitus "Ringing in the Ears" is an Insulin Problem

Tinnitus "Ringing in the Ears" is an Insulin Problem

Update: 2020-11-22


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In this podcast, Dr. Berg talks about Tinnitus "Ringing in the Ears" and the other mechanism of what causes it. Tinnitus is the distraction of the nerve in the inner ear and creating the ringing sensation in the ears. The inner ear and the brain have no glycogen storage unit which means both areas are dependent on the sugar in the blood. He also talks about how high sugar and high insulin depletes nutrients in the tissues that could start the symptoms. If it affects the brain, it also affects the nerves ear. 

84% of people with tinnitus had high insulin. 

4 areas of the body that gets destroyed when you have high sugar and high insulin: 

1. Kidney

2. Brain 

3. Heart 

4. Nervous System 

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Tinnitus "Ringing in the Ears" is an Insulin Problem

Tinnitus "Ringing in the Ears" is an Insulin Problem

Dr. Eric Berg