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Tiny Habits for Big Changes • 151

Tiny Habits for Big Changes • 151

Update: 2020-10-1334


We will learn:

  • The elements of behavior change and how to approach it

  • How to use emotion to create lasting habits

  • How to form communities to help make change a lot easier

You know how devices like your phone and computer have a power-saving mode? 

Your brain has one too. It’s the autopilot system that takes over when you’re doing repetitive tasks, like driving to work or brushing your teeth. 

Your body and brain work in perfect harmony, almost like everything you do is carrying out a mission with total efficiency so you to perform better without even thinking about what you’re doing.

The catch—this system is super valuable, but it’s also what makes it so hard to change our habits! 

Today, we’re going to talk about the actionable science behind building and breaking habits. The tips and tricks for real lasting change.

Today we’re talking to BJ Fogg. He’s a Behavior Scientist and founder of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University and he founded the Behavior He’s not only a researcher, he also teaches industry innovators how human behavior really works. He created the Tiny Habits Academy and wrote the bestselling book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything.

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Tiny Habits for Big Changes • 151

Tiny Habits for Big Changes • 151

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