DiscoverTeTe & EspressoTips for Productivity - Sprint & Nap - Friday - 082
Tips for Productivity - Sprint & Nap - Friday - 082

Tips for Productivity - Sprint & Nap - Friday - 082

Update: 2018-12-071


RRReady..Ssset...Ok take a nap....Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This recent technique has rocked my world recently...

Look at the body of an olympic sprinter vs an olympic long distance runner...That is the process we follow to our success. Especially because you could not go outside and run a marathon, which would represent your dreams, but you could go outside and complete 10 sprints with 30 second breaks..Shoot you could do 20..Even if you are waaay out of shape..You could speed walk 20 times...By sitting at out computer for 1 hour, then taking a 20 minute walk, our minds re-charge, and are primed for the next sprint.

These things help re-boost you after a working sprint: Taking a 20-30 minute nap, listening to your favorite song and rocking out to it, going a quick drive, walk around the block, call a friend, meditate alllmmmmmm, pray, watch a scare prank video compilation on youtube, pace your place and daydream, pet your dog or cat intensely, respond to a text message...doing all of this is perfect to re-charge...Then..Go right back to the starting line...and ...ready...set...go!

Batch, Do the One thing, Sprint and rest then sprint your way to an awesome next week.
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Persistence - I pardon you, you are now free to live your dream life - Friday - 088
I release you for everything you you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Release the past, and you will be able to make strides towards your goals.You probably have many people in your life, a majority of people in your life, who see you for who you are now, and give you that value every time they see you..In other words, the will not allow you to change, or grow, into the person you want to be. I wish I could be your best friend in your life, because I always see you as that person you want to be. I take the cap off your head and allow you to look up at the beautiful sky, full of your potential and dreams. I pardon you now..For every thing you have done that is holding you back like a weight. I pardon you..I forgive you...You are that new exciting person..I pardon you..I forgive you..You are that amazing new person. I pardon you...I forgive you...You are that person you’ve always envisioned. I pardon you..i forgive you... Yuo are whole and complete right now...i pardon you...I forgive you.. There is nothing on your previous heavy mind now..You are free to fly weightless to your dream life...I believe in you...I pardon you...I forgive...You forgive yourself, therefor..It’s easy for me to forgive you...I this episode with a friend, who has a weight on their mind that must be released.
Persistence - A long  journey, enjoy the views - Wednesday - 087
What are the directions to your success? ok ..Turn left, then another left, go right, then left, then a u turn, then left, then right...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. You better enjoy the views on your road trip.Because our favorite definition of success is, “A constant progression towards a worthy ideal.” I freaking love that definition and I love it every time I hear it. It reminds me, to enjoy the proc ess and “views” along the way. There is such a low percentage of people who have a straight line of sight to their destination. Each variable in life adds to another turn along the way. Each time surrendering to a new truth, and figuring out the best way to reach our goal. Each block, each turn, each putting the car in reverse..Enjoy every moment, it is your success story.I am here. I am in the path of my success. When I take the drone up and look down, I see that I am actually on my own path towards my success and happiness, and I see that I can change my end destination any time I want. I see that truth now. I can enjoy where I am because I won’t be here in a few weeks, or years. The people, the smells, the sounds, the sights, will forever be gone in time, as I stay persistent on the life I want. I am the person I’v always wanted to be. I am there. I am worthy of everything I want. Make a list for yourself today, of all the possibilities you would want to
You have value - Fat or Depressed or from a Bad family - Value
Fat, ugly, disproportionate, darker skin, thinning hair, bad family have value....Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Based on last episode, and that if you take these traits I’m about to list, that society thinks are “un-valuable,” they are exactly the reason you ARE valuable.Muffin top hanging out of the those jeans, and you have no butt, you give us the confidence to be in our own skin. Your family was verbally abusive to you, you give us strength knowing that you can still be happy after all of that, and so can we. Your sexual identity is not what society calls normal, you give me the strength to beat my drum to it’s own rhythm, because we only live once, and you have it hard in this society. If you are Latino in the United States, you give us a reminder of what makes this country great. If you are depressed and struggling to find any happiness in life, you represent how close we all are to being in the presence of happiness. Because we see from the outside in, and we see how close you actually are to breaking depression, therefor, the same must be true for our own lives... When I see you taking fire for being original, oh Doctor, you give me the heat every day, to live fully. That is value to me. My food to keep going in this freaking world we live in. You sustain me. Thank you so much for being different. You have so much value to all of us. You are valuable. I am valuable. We are valuable.
You have value - I feel your pain, this is my message to you - Monday
Que vale te tienes..What value you have...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. I’v been sparked inside hearing of so many being hurt, or hurting themselves, for being different..and that’s why I want to feel, and say to you....You have sooooooooooooooooooooo much value to me, to the world. If you seriously made a list of 10 traits as to why you are un-valuable, you could scratch off the “un” in front of un-valuable, so it just says ‘Valuable!” ..Please listen to me ..please!..The fact that you are so “different” is why we need you in the world. You are the spice in the food of life. You are my life...You have so much value to me.......You have sooooo much value I could break down a list, maybe I will in the next podcast, of all the things that make you special, that society thinks is not...Well no one is special on Earth, in my opinion, and it’s not about building you “up” to societies value, or “Taking people down a peg or two, to bring them to normal...It’s that the people who own the mountain top, now share their rights with the person in the valley. And that rich man can sit in the poor house, and is welcomed any time. And we are welcomed to take a long walk on his property, as he smiles at us..For who we are..because we all and complete..right have value. If you feel someone is in true need of this Episode, press that icon and send it to a friend who needs value.
Music Week - The Best Life Lesson Through Music - 074 - Singing
(sing with flat emotion) La la la la la la or (Sing with emotion) la la la la la la …Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Music offers the best life lessons. Shoot back this espresso shot, and start your day.Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect… When no one is around, and watching, what do you do? ..Singing each note the best you can, every time, “Laaaaaaaaa,” can be done with the same mentality of doing your best while cleaning the dishes. And it mostly applies to all areas of your life..Are you the person who either goes through the motions, giving the minimum required? Or are you the person who scrubs the dishes with hot soapy water, rinses well, wipes down the area around the sink, dries the dishes, puts them back, and leaves a note on the counter for either yourself, or someone else saying how proud you are of them?…AAannd…are you conscious of saving water? ..Be that person… Shot Shot shot shot shot time…Cleaning around the house laaaaaaa, your attitude at work lalaaaaa, how you workout lalalaaaaa, your work ethic lalalalaaaaaa, the way you relax lalalalalaaaaaaaa, and the way you practice doing anything that brings you joy, go for it, do it the best you can, every time, make that become your way of being lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala..La la la la your way to a happy day..I believe in you so much. I am proud of
Joy - Right Brain - Child Like - Friday - 069
Sing, dance, play, imagine, pretend...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Being child-like is not just a saying, it’s the science of the left brain vs right brain. It isn’t until about the age of 12 do we, as humans, come into the faster development of the left brain, or analytics brain, or beta brain waves. Up until about the age where humans leave high school, are we fully developing the beta 2 brain waves..Nerd alert !! What I’m saying is, we have been using our left brains now for yyyyyyears! Using it way way way more than we use our right brains. That’s why I opened the introduction with, “Sing, dance, play, imagine, pretend.”...All of the things that you would do when you are being child-like. Why is that important to you? ...Because we are only living once, and we know what the “feel good chemicals” that are released in the body, when you are doing certain things...And everything in the intro was one of those certain things..Right Brain.Let’s just dance in the sun...Welcome the joy...Everyone grab someone...let the rhythm make us one!..Dancing! Listening to music and letting yourself groove, pretending to be a character for a movie, and allowing yourself to do it for 10 seconds. Sometimes it’s works, and sounds good, other times you fail, buuuut it’s still so much fun. Imagine the perfect dream life you could every want, or the location, or the bf or gf..whatevs! If you are enjoying yourself, then you joy...with yourself...thank you the power now for that little take on enjoy... Play baord games, play frisbee, play tag, play aduly party fun games like passing the orange neck to neck thingy game. Whatever you do, play. I believe in you so much. you are safe to laugh and dance, and show me your art creation. It is all safe with me.Follow the TeTe & Espresso blog a @
Fun - Excitement - Wednesday - 068
Happy Halloween! ...Are you sure this thing is safe? Ok..I’m going to jump..3, 2, 1...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. What is your thrill? Take this Espresso shot, and Jump.I went bungee jumping at the fair one time. I was a man, a strong man, and I walked up to that platform and triple back flipped off hahahahah yeah right...When I walked up to the edge, looking down, and out at the view, the guy started counting down, and when he hit 1, I wanted to bend my knees and jump as far and high out as I could as a testament to my courage..Insteaaad, my legs locked when I semi-squatted down… and since my momentum was already leaning forward, I did this awkward forward roll thing, while clinching every muscle in my body… Now there is no super moral lesson I’m about to tell about courage or whatever lol...I want to tell you that after my feet were on the ground again, I felt a supreme sense of excitement, and thrill as to what I just accomplished, and wanted to go right back up, and have been wanting that ever since...I am scared shitless, but knowing the excitement I will receive is worth it, because we only live once. Just like bungee jumping, life is not going to let us fail when we achieve excitement. In this modern age, life is so safe, just like the stretchy strong chord that is attached to your feet, and the giant inflatable astro jump pillow below that is your double back up. So do you have friends around you that will be there when you jump, fall, and support your after feelings. Just like I had Norman and Rochelle at the fair, thanks guys. You were my chord and pillow...You have friends just like this. Allow them to encourage you to find whatever excites you in life. Being with animals, painting, philanthropy, sky diving, whatever...Joy is worth it... You can live more in 1 year, than most people can live in their whole lives. Let the excitement flow, and leave a comment as to what excites
Fun - Farting - Monday - 067 - Childlike
(Fart noise) excuse me I tooted ...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. On today’s espresso shot, let’s be goofy together, so it will allow you to express your happy.Taha I like you (goofy deep voice) ..People told me growing up, “Don’t worry, you will lose your childlike joy as life goes on.” I always took that as my pride, and said, “No I will not lose that, you will see.” And here I am 34 years young baby babaaaay, feeling just as goofy as when I was a kid, and now it’s better, because I have no competition, and want all of my friends to be goofy with me, so they can just as happy as I want myself to be. Let’s do 2 basic goofy things together right now that you can do today to help you instantly have fun 1) Do it with me after i do it first - yotalayeeeeeee yotalayooooooh doing with with me yotalayeeeeeee yotalayooooooh and of course, everyone’s favorite thing start having fun, number 2, (Fart noise) Do your own kind of fart noise. It will instantly make you feel child like, and joyous. I allow myself to be childlike, now. I mix the perfect blend of my adult learnings and my childlike goofiness and joy. You see, that you being happy is a mixture of these several areas in life that bring you joy. And you are ready for the light. You are ready for the joy. WE, when WE are vulnerable and joyous with each other, and allow other people to see the ugly face we make when we reeeeaally go for a character, WE get an even bigger rush of positive feel good chemicals when we are around other people, than when by ourselves. I just right now, thought of a comedian, and how much they must love the rush after they get off stage. That’s it though! A prime example as to why you are ready now to be goofy. My friend, you never need to go onstage. You can be on a walk with someone. Listen to your inner goofy (fart noise) and allow yourself to let it come out...(Fart Noise) Subscribe to this TeTe & Espresso PodCast and Share it with a friend.www.
Best Of: What's Your Giving Desire? - Philanthropy Through Guitar - 067
What guitar chord do you like? .... Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s talk 1 minute about giving back, and do 1 minute of Espresso shot of a lot of possible ways to give back.G Major is the chord what I call my orphanage work in Mexico, its a open and bright sounding ring, it’s an obvious happy. But what is your chord? If you slide down another 2 guitar frets you have an A major, which could be cleaning up the ocean, orrr 3 frets down from that is the beloved C chord, and that could be helping the returning soldiers from war receive a super affectionate pit-bull, to ground them to this present moment. So heroes can live in peace, instead of dying in peace (power pause) ... There are even minor chords that sounds dark and mysterious like the shadow society likes to cast over them, like child abduction, the the mass raping of women going on of women around the world, or even the suppression of women’s rights. So weather you prefer the warm feeling of doing the happy giving back, or the fulfillment of going to dark places and being the shinning light. Simply play your chord. If you did, if I do, if we play our own special chords. The world will reach its maximum potential of a perfect world. So as I list out all of these possible areas to give back, allow yourself to take an idea and build off of it so it customizes your life. Believe me, picking up 10 pieces of trash every day adds actually adds up to 3,650 pieces of trash, which could clean up your entire neighborhood...Well most neighborhoods.Here are some of the abundant ways to give back: helping autistic adults find jobs, driving the elderly to dialysis, animal rescue, suicide prevention hotline, dog adoption, cleaning up the ocean, offering haircuts to the homeless, helping single battered mothers find their feet, big brother and big sister programs, building schools for impoverished communities, giving holiday meals to needing families. give $1 every time you order food for pick up, tell 1 joke a day, clean the beach, adopt a child, foster a child, empower and educate women, educate and train prisoners, healthy food for kids campaign, coaching a kids sports team, donating your time to entertain kids with cancer at the children’s hospital, and helping me program children’s brains for success through surround sound, with these messages playing, in their home. Play your chord, I believe in you so much,Let me know what knid of giving back you would like to do by leaving a comment. I’ll support
Best Of:  Orphanage Plan - Monday - 066
I love you Ninos .... Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe, Let’s talk 1 minute about where I got the idea for this podcast, and do 1 minute sample of what the orphaned children on Mexico will hear, morning and night.After visiting the orphanages in Tijuana, and forming bonds with these kids, I was pacing my house thinking of ways I could spend time with them, while at the same time living my dream life. Then it hit me! I could install surround sound into the orphanages, and play morning and nightly messages, backed by music, and having weekly themes to program their brains for happiness and success in any area of their lives. Since I had been training for years in music, voice over, and listening and reading every “Tony Robbins” style book and audio, it was the accumulation of every creative genius I could express...and there a better cause? You may have a different cause that’s more important to you, and we’ll talk about that Wednesday..for me...The is the pinnacle of fulfillment and excitement. Knowing that a 6:30am, I know exactly what the kids are experiencing. I can be there mentally, and emotionally and visualize the the way babe... I get that same rush knowing you are listening. After all..The whole idea for this podcast came from the idea to help the kids... That’s why part of every single dollar I earn from this podcast is going back to the kids...I want to show you a sample of what the kids will wake and go to bed to... (Giggle) here it is... Good morning Sunshine!... Having love for yourself, will allow you to be happy in life , and loving yourself, will give you the ability to fully love others. You are the happy person you have always wanted to be. The life we are born into does not determine our happiness. If you were born from different parents, or a different parts of the world, life would be very different. For the worst or better.Since you know there is nothing different between you and any other child in the world, You now see, everything is possible for you, and it it possible to love yourself fully.Say the words, in your mind.... I love you.... Let those words echo in your mind, and rise to the morning sun my love, it is even behind the clouds.To make a contribution towards installing surround sound in orphanages and programing the kid’s brains for an amazing life, send an email to and put “helping kids” in the subject line.
Dealing with Boredom - Give Give Give - Friday - 065
Wake me up when it’s all over, Woke up this morning, smiled at the rising sun... Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Because I go to the orphanage tomorrow morning at 5:30am, I’ll give you the way to break the boredom. You simply just don’t know...The boost of energy you get being with these kids, and the following week’s residual energy. When we are outside of ourselves, in creation, and helping the outside world, it is the same levity as being surprised by a gorgeous view that you did not expect to see. But the energy from giving back is so much more sustaining...Wait! I know you think it’s way down the road for you..But it’s so much easier than you think. I get it, I was there. And now that I have been to the top of the hill and seen the view. I want you to leave the gorgeous city below and experience your joy, up here...Look at the view my brother and sister..Wow.. look at it..feel it..I am ready to create. I am ready to help others or whatever cause I choose. When I help, I am actually helping myself. You give back knowing what we have all heard in the past. The more you give, the more you receive. And I will tell you, that you will discover a fulfillment and happiness and excitement with this journey that you could not have expected... I give, you give, then we give to each other. You give willingly, and when it comes, graciously receive. You are the person you’ve always wanted to be. Giving, kind, a person of equality, of knowing..That the happiness you give to the outside world, is the happiness you feel inside.Tomorrow is the day!!! I’ll post a blog post about the trip and many pictures Tuesday of this next week. Click the orphanage tab at
Boredom - Move That Body - Wednesday - 064
Why is everything slow motion? Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. What is a secret to break this molases?.....I feel like a little pony! I dare you to do something. After this podcast is finished, within 2 minutes from now, I want you to do 10 push ups and 10 squats. You can do it anywhere. And if are like me, and worrying that your hands will get dirty, there is that thing “Jesus” invested called a sink and hand soap. And if you’re worried about someone looking at you stick your butt out backwards in perfect form. Guys are creepy, I get it, I do.. But men have been looking since the dawn of time. And look how empowered women have become #logic ... Do it now, and it will cut your boredom.You are so intelligent, I am so intelligent, WE are so intelligent...That’s why you and I both know it would take 41 seconds to do 10 push ups and 10 squats. or 10 push ups and 10 jumping jax. I am intelligent remember? we just affirmed it. If I know that it’s a choice to get your body moving, so do you...simply say, “I do it now” It will work. Van 2, 3, 4 all the vay to 10. I believe in you as much as I believe in me, therefor I want to get up and accomplish everything I can in this life before I die..and I want it equally as bad for you.3 more days until the orphanage trip baby. 60 kids in a home, all with no families...Trust me...Start living fully now. Simply out of this fact.
Accent Week - English Accent Knowledge - 061
If you ask me I say surely...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Today let’s look at our parent country, England, and what they have to say...When I talk doesn’t it sounds so lovely? That’s why it’s so hard for me to listen to Americans talk. It’s not quite as bad as a cat...buuuut anyways. One bit wisdom I can bestow upon you, how us English excel, is through the process of conformity. You can still have plenty of originality by doing things that way. Such as, getting your wanka ass on the right side of the escalator and let the people pass on the left that actually want to use their bi-pedal gifts from our savior. The point of the story is... utilize logic to form the way you build your daily life. And this structure will support all the dreams you would like to accomplish. Do you want everything you’ve ever dreamed of??...Surely. Anything I can do, you can do better. I conform my life to the truth, the universal knowledge. Wisdom is not yours, in not mine, it’s no even humanity’s, it is just is there. Your talents are far beyond what you know. Honing in on forming habits that are congruent with your success will propel, I do saaaaay, propel to your success..So please, for your own sake, and sake of God... When you are taking the escalator, move and keep you ass on the right, so I can pass...I like to move fast towards my success. Share, admire, and subscribe to this podcast. It’s inspirational for
Business Week - Teaching You How To Fish In 2 Minutes - 059 - Friday
You get a line, I get a pole babe..You get a line, I get a pole, we’ll go down to the fishing hole...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Let’s teach you to fish while drinking a TeTe Espresso.I am fully capable, and could, stand right behind your back, and whisper all the action steps in your ear, play by play, to increase the area of business in your life. All day. I would prefer me giving the you tools so you can learn to do it on your own, with slight adjustments every day and week. You want to do it yourself? Work on your mind. Find the emotion or problem that’s holding you back from fully wanting to be the person to action, This is your success formula...Say and repeat 1000 times.”I forgive myself from my past, I am in the now, and I take action now!” I really want you to repeat these 3 steps..I do..It will be me teaching you to fish for yourself.I forgive myself from the past (Money) I am in the now (customers) I take action now (win) I forgive myself from the past ( happiness) I am in the now (Cash) I take action now (promotion) I forgive myself from the past (Helping others) I am in the now (more sales) I take action now (All I have ever wanted) I forgive myself for the past, I am in the now, I take action now.... I am a fisherman...or woman.Go ahead and please share and subscribe to this TeTe & Espresso Podcast. I love doing this with
Business - Communion, Give More & Receive Gold - 057
Amigo, you are gong to love this idea I have for your business...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This week is business week, and today we will talk about communing with people with the intention of building their business, and you’ll receive your weight in Gold. 3 times this last week I had brilliant advice and suggestions about my business from 3 different people. The decision to commune and be around other people, leads to thoughts that your mind could not have produced as easily as those other 3 people who’s lives were shaped and formed to give their valuable unique perspective..Here is the kicker. The more you spin your creative genius to help their dreams and goals, without even asking for advice on yours, they will feel free to give you advice without asking. And don’t we all want our loved ones to do the things we want with out asking...Give and you shall receive... here comes some brain programming to lock it in..I love to be creative with my friend’s dreams! You give, and give, and give, because you love it, and it actually gives you energy. I am the person that loves taking advice. People are inspired by my creative powers. You are ready to receive the answers. Even if I give 10 times, and receive once, that one time carries it’s weight in Gold. We are in communion. There are feelings of elation I did not know existed, and I am ready to experience them now. I help you, it helps me, it helps we. Visit the TeTe & Espresso Instagram, search for TeTeEspresso and look for that yellow and red cartoon
TeTe & Espresso Podcast - Your Dream Life - Daydreams and To-Do Lists - Ep 055
(Wonderment) Wowwwww that was a great idea! (Change tones to analytical) Nnnnnow write it down. Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This week’s theme is your dream life. Today’s topic is utilizing your imagination with the glory of to-do lists. Are you surprised to know that you already posses what you need, mentally, for your dream life? It’s true…Your imagination and daydreams, in silent moments, give you the answers to each building step along the way. An universal answer if you will…Capture it! use a sheet of paper or a notebook and start making a list, each time a flash enters your mind. And naturally you might think, “yeah but the list will get long, each item might even take little time.” ..Thats ok. If you scratched one item off every other day. you would get 183 steps further to your dream life…Link the right side of the brain (The feeling and imagination) with the left (analytical brain) ..and you’ll accomplish your dreams with joy.I write down inspiration right when it comes to me. I am at ease knowing how simple to to-do lists make my manifesting. I ask for an answer, and wait for an answer. An answer comes every time. You use your imagination with joy. Your day dreams give you answers. You write down your “Eureka” moment every time. You love your creative side and analytical side. We love our right brain and left brain. We love our to-to lists. And we love to get those items on the list done. Yes. Press that share button on your phone there…And send this episode to a
Your dream life Week - Ready to Launch 5,4,3,2,1 - TeTe & Espresso Podcast
We have launch countdown..5,4,3,2..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. In your dream life let’s talk about what it takes to launch you there, and give you an espresso shot of energy to start you day.There are maybe 10 general goals we all aim for as a destination, buuuut there are 1000 different launching pads to launch from. If you are ending a divorce, a platform of a new self identity will help you launch. If you’re starting a new relationship building a platform on direct communication will guide your rocket to your aim. The ability of the teacher is to be comfortable building platforms for you to launch, and to rebuild the confidence of who you were. An amazing pilot...You are already the fully capable rocket. Fueled up and ready to fly. What is your platform you are building from in your life. When we know..Then we can build...and fly... As an example, let’s used a divorced person..Yes, building a new sense of self, self esteem that they will be more than ok in the world, self confidence built by new learning for their new goals, new time management, a social life, self forgiveness for the time spent and the errors that were made, teaching the kids what YOU want now, being around more friends, taking responsibility for what you can...All of this must be built into the foundation before the launch..Don’t worry, it takes no time at all once we launch to get to your destination. But if we launch now, we miss our target...Let’s dig deep and build the foundation the right way, so you can launch and land at your paradise. 3 month, 1 on 1 coaching, we’ll get you there..Check out the tab 1 on 1 coaching at
Men's Week - Masculinity - Friday -050 - Espisode 50!!!
Ain’t that a man? I spell M, A child, Nnnnn ....Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, i’m TeTe. To cap of Men’s week, let’s talk about what it’s really like to be masculine.It takes a masculine man to wrap his arms around someone who is being bullied, it takes a masculine man to look in a child’s eyes and tell them you love them, and that they are perfect. A man has been gifted with the gift of the protector. We are physically stronger than women, and that allows us to take the stance of the truth. The moral, the peaceful calm power that comes from knowing that you will protect all that is good in this world, the the full capacity you were born with. “Ain’t that a Man I spell M, A child, Nnnnnn.” .....You are a man. Use you gifts you already posses, Protect us.Mmmmmm (before music) Being assertive (ain’t that a man?), Showing your emotions (ain’t that a man?), telling someone they are enough, (ain’t that a man?) protecting women’s growth (I spell M), encouraging other men that aren’t as genetically gifted as you, and let them know that they are perfect just the way they are (A child), helping the world in your philanthropic way (Nnnnn), being the best you that you can be every day (ain’t that a man?) helping everyone around you be the best them that they can be, with zero judgments of who they want to be....You know that’s a man. Man or woman, subscribe to this podcast, and let’s continue our
Men's Week - Femininity - Wednesday - 049
Being in touch with your feminine side makes you strong, literally....Welcome to TeTe & Espresso. a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This is Men’s week, and let talk about your feminine side. Women live, on average, 7 years longer than men. I’v thought about that statistic a lot since I heard it 10 years. Now it makes sense. Macho men create more stress in their bodies, which literally equates to cellular death, and you kill yourself. I say yourself because, I’v had massages by a man (lowers stress background track), had manicures (lowers stress background track), hugged my male friends for 20 seconds (lowers stress background track), danced to Brittany Spears (lowers stress background track), I do yoga many times a week (lowers stress background track)..and my boys...All of these things women do. Do you see the signs? To live 7 years longer, lower the stress, and welcome the femininity you masculine man..Yin and Yang. ... Let’s let your subconscious mind know what’s going on.My feminine side is as strong as my masculine side. Feminine means strong. I want to live longer and healthier, that’s why I choose peace, and femininity. I am feminine in all of the right ways. My discomfort with feminine men was a sign to change, to change towards being a person of 100% love. It is about self love. Loving all of you. Un-train your mind to what society said about you expressing your feminine side. That was society. You are a Man, hold your head high and say. “I love all of me.”Many people want this message...Send this episode to a friend.
Men's Week - Steroid Mike - Monday - 048
All men use anabolic steroids, that’s what makes us men..Wait what? It has nothing to do with it? Awe guys come on why didn’t you tell me!? ...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, i’m TeTe. Last week theme was women, so this week’s is men. We men are in a whirlwind of a funny time, with so many messages that we are evolving from and to. Go on tinder and find abundance of dating opportunities, go on IG and see your friends with families and wedding pictures. To bed to successful CEO or to live the van life where we have all we need, in a vaaaan maaan...You know what’s exciting about that for all of us? ..We are entering a time in Manhood like never before. We men are realizing that “who we are being” is more important than the life in society we chose. Guys here that!!!...The stress comes from your choice of what to do in life, and the “who you are” path is sooooo easy flowing, and requires you to be the man you’ve always wanted to be. And in this day and age, we can be that person. Yyyyyeah it’s steroid Mike here and yyyyeah I get it now. That’s why spending time thinking about who I am in life, is a lot more valuable than my body, which still has amazing biceps yyyyeah! ...I think I can be a motivational coach, here are things that will help you form the Man you are...Listening to audio books, watching 10-15 minute youtube videos on vulnerability, confidence, self forgiveness, and dreaming baby. Yyyyyeah uhhh how about seeing a therapist yeah uhhhh I hate them buuut I guess steroid Mike could use a little brain help right? I beleive in you fellas. Be you, be the best you possible uhhhhhhhh yeah uhhhhhhh.join the community, ask about my 1 on 1 3 month coaching program, with an hour call, motivational quotes and videos sent to you through out the week, and yes, you get a personalized affirmation voice message 5 days a week. send an email to and book your free 20 minute call.
Women's Week - A Man's Thoughts, Dare I? - Friday - 047
All them other girls, I done been through em all, you’re the only one I need girl, you’re the baddest of em all...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. I’ll be gentle, and nourishing my ladies...and give you a man’s thought..on you.I’v dated more women than you..probably 99% more than you listening... What are the best traits of women? ... The best traits to me, are the traits of wanting to grow mentally towards her dreams, and that life she envisions. That takes a process of self forgiveness, vulnerability, perseverance, and more vulnerability. That sexy AF trait of vulnerability allows for the other sexy trait...Direct communication. Instead of saying, “baby would you rather?” She says, “Baby I would rather, can we?” ... And I would rather you tell me, right up front, from the time we exchange numbers, and say we are going to hang out, what you want. 29% of the time we aren’t meant to even go out and be involved with each other based on you, the amazing woman having the sexy AF vulnerable courage to say, “I just ended a loooong relationship, I want safe, fun with your sexy 6 “4” self.” or, “I have been longing for love and a dream life with someone,” or “I like my busy life, and am looking for a constant, mostly monogamous, 2 times a week thing, where we can both get our cuddling and romance fix in, I like my happy full life, but the touch of man sounds amazing, are you up for that?” ... It’s not important that I respect you more from being so honest and vulnerable, which I and every other guy will, it’s important for you to know, that you will respect yourself more....What are TeTe’s sexiest traits in a woman? vulnerability and communication..You are enough my love, trust me. You are...Own everything you are, trust ME, what society would call a “Pla-ya,” simply because I have chosen to care for many, with love and respect, So i’ll take societies label as a player so you my lady, can know the expert giving advice to you... The man who is being vulnerable with you, and saying I have slept with many women, some were pure bliss, and other’s I wish I hadn’t, for a variety reason...This openness of a man is here to tell you....You....are....enough.Thank you ladies for allowing me to give my love, my way. If you found value in this episode, please share it with a friend. Thank you darling.
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Tips for Productivity - Sprint & Nap - Friday - 082

Tips for Productivity - Sprint & Nap - Friday - 082