DiscoverDirt Bike Channel PodcastTires I LOVE - Maybe You Should Try Them - Episode 38
Tires I LOVE - Maybe You Should Try Them - Episode 38

Tires I LOVE - Maybe You Should Try Them - Episode 38

Update: 2020-03-11


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Today we are talking tires.  Since my introduction to “hybrid gummy” tires, I don’t want to use a traditional compound that has been around forever.  These hybrid gummy tires don’t last quite as long as the harder compounds, but they perform better.  I’ll take that trade off everyday of the week.  Any of these tires is still cheaper than one round of golf and these will last you far more than one afternoon.  Just keeping things in perspective. 

Most of my rear tires are 110/100 R18, but occasionally I’ll run a 120/100 R18.

Rear Tires:

IRC VE33s Gekkota - Great all around tire hybrid gummy tire.  Gets better traction than your typical knobby tire, and lasts a long time.  - Around $90 and hard to find this tire in stock.  Make sure you get the version with the “s" at the end of the 33.

Shinko 505 Cheater - Gummy hybrid trials/offroad tire.  Breaks down quickly but gets good traction even after it’s broken down due to the compounds in the tire. - Very cheap tire and great on rocky terrain.  Not as great in the  sand and mud.

Shinko 525 Cheater - Still a gummy hybrid off-road tire, but leans more toward a traditional knobby tire in it’s pattern.  The 120 seems to hold up a little longer than the 110. Very cool tire. Still a cheap tire for the money, and does great in the sand and mud.  Better in those places than the 505 cheater.  It’s a bit heavier tire than many others.

Dunlop AT81EX - This is a soft compound gummy tire.  Overall, it’s the best performer I’ve ever used.  It has the same tread pattern as the standard AT81 tire, but the gummy compound makes it hook up on rocks and roots like a hero. - Around $113 but so worth it especially if you are going on a multi day riding trip and want the best tire on your bike.  Keep running it even when it looks absolutely terrible.  It can go 20-25 hours, it will look like crap but still be hooking up.

Tusk Recon - Great value.  While still a hybrid gummy tire, this one is the cheapest of all.  Very similar to the Shinko 505.  Lasts a long time. Not as great in the mud as some of the others, but can’t beat it for the price.

Front Tires:

Bridgestone M59 - Great all-round front tire.  My favorite for mountain single track and all around riding.  Only comes in one size - 80/100-21.  Get it.

IRC IX-09W - Great all around front tire in the 80/100-21 size.  Lasts long and performs well.

Shinko 546 - Great front tire to smash into rocks and do desert riding.  Not quite as sharp in handling and the M59 since it’s taller and wider in a general sense, but I like this tire.  Comes in different sizes which is nice.

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Tires I LOVE - Maybe You Should Try Them - Episode 38

Tires I LOVE - Maybe You Should Try Them - Episode 38

Kyle Brothersen