Discover2 Pages with MBSTo Manage with Courage: Zach First [reads] ‘Management’
To Manage with Courage: Zach First [reads] ‘Management’

To Manage with Courage: Zach First [reads] ‘Management’

Update: 2022-05-24


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As a reader and someone who’s been immersed in business for 30 years, I have glanced sideways at the way institutions have become such a central part of our world. Within all of these institutions, you have individuals just trying to do their best, and do work that matters. I’ve seen and felt the paradox of how institutions are totally shaped by the people within them, and yet, are also a completely separate entity. So what does it mean to be part of an organization - specifically, to be a manager? 

Peter Drucker is the name most synonymous with asking this question throughout his lifetime; I do wonder how he would answer it now, in these turbulent times. 

Zach First is the Executive Director of the Drucker Institute, an institution founded to carry on Drucker’s work, and to help people manage with courage. Prior to joining the Institute, Zach was the type to, ‘dutifully follow the standards of the institution to which he belonged,’ but then at a certain point, things changed, and he stopped being a follower. Get‌ ‌book‌ ‌links‌ ‌and‌ ‌resources‌ ‌at‌

Zach reads from ‘Management’ by Peter Drucker. [reading begins at 13:50

Hear us discuss: 

“Organizations are just as mysterious and complicated as the people who populate them.” [6:14 ] | The fight against tyranny: “The most important thing we can do is hold our institutions to the standards that we need.” [22:01 ] | “Management is a noble task, and one of the most important in the modern economy.” [26:13 ] | Making the right decisions for your institution. [26:36 ] | How to remain courageous. [30:40 ]

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To Manage with Courage: Zach First [reads] ‘Management’

To Manage with Courage: Zach First [reads] ‘Management’

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