DiscoverActive InsightsToday’s Convertible Landscape with Rob Salvin
Today’s Convertible Landscape with Rob Salvin

Today’s Convertible Landscape with Rob Salvin

Update: 2022-10-18


In this episode, guest host Rick Polsinello speaks with Rob Salvin, Putnam’s Head of Corporate and Tax-Exempt Credit within Fixed Income.  Rob is responsible for managing the corporate credit and municipal investment processes. In addition, he is a portfolio manager of the Putnam Convertible Securities Fund, Putnam Diversified Income Trust, Putnam Floating Rate Income Fund, Putnam High Yield Fund, Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust, and Putnam Premier Income Trust.

  During the conversation, they touch on many topics, including: 

  • The characteristics of the convertible bond market
  • Why investors should own convertible bonds
  • The relationship between convertible bonds and other assets
  • How convertibles have held up in down markets 
  • The opportunities in the current convertible market

This material is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not a recommendation of any specific investment product, strategy, or decision, and is not intended to suggest taking or refraining from any course of action. It is not intended to address the needs, circumstances, and objectives of any specific investor. This information is not meant as tax or legal advice. Investors should consult a professional advisor before making investment and financial decisions and for more information on tax rules and other laws, which are complex and subject to change.

 Consider these risks before investing: The value of investments in the fund's portfolio may fall or fail to rise over extended periods of time for a variety of reasons, including general economic, political, or financial market conditions; investor sentiment and market perceptions; government actions; geopolitical events or changes; and factors related to a specific issuer, asset class, geography, industry, or sector. These and other factors may lead to increased volatility and reduced liquidity in the fund’s portfolio holdings. 

 These risks are generally greater for convertible securities issued by small and/or midsize companies. Convertible securities’ prices may be adversely affected by underlying common stock price changes. While convertible securities tend to provide higher yields than common stocks, the higher yield may not protect against the risk of loss or mitigate any loss associated with a convertible security’s price decline. Convertible securities are subject to credit risk, which is the risk that an issuer of the fund’s investments may default on payment of interest or principal. Credit risk is generally greater for below-investment-grade convertible securities. Convertible securities may be less sensitive to interest-rate changes than non-convertible bonds because of their structural features (e.g., convertibility, “put” features). Interest-rate risk is generally greater, however, for longer-term bonds and convertible securities whose underlying stock price has fallen significantly below the conversion price. 

 Our investment techniques, analyses, and judgments may not produce the intended outcome, and the investments we select for the fund may not perform as well as other securities that were not selected for the fund. We, or the fund’s other service providers, may experience disruptions or operating errors that could negatively impact the fund. You can lose money by investing in the fund.

See episode transcript for full disclosure

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Today’s Convertible Landscape with Rob Salvin

Today’s Convertible Landscape with Rob Salvin

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