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Tom's Divorce (S2E11)

Tom's Divorce (S2E11)

Update: 2022-01-04


Come along for another life changing journey to Pawnee! Today Rob and Alan stick together while watching the 11th episode of season 2. In “Tom’s Divorce” Leslie finds out Tom and Wendy are splitting up, and tries to lift his spirits. On this episode find out the unique connection Jerry has with dinosaurs, the origin of the Ron Swanson breakfast meme, and which Taco Bell actor possibly marries Wendy!
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The episode opens with Ron sending Leslie to run an errand at the DMV on City Hall's fourth floor, a dark and unsettling place that includes probation offices and divorce filings. A reluctant and frightened Leslie navigates past reprobates and blood stains on the floor and spots Tom and Wendy leaving the Divorce Office. Unaware that their relationship was a green card marriage to prevent Wendy from being deported back to Canada, Leslie later tries to comfort Tom, who insists he is fine. Nevertheless, Leslie persists in her efforts to cheer him up, in part by ordering a singing horse telegram to cheer him up and taking the whole dept out to a dinosaur-themed restaurant, Jurassic Fork. 

The parks employees eat several dinosaur-themed entrees, "Tyranna-Ceasar Salads" and "Surf and Turfasaurus". Tom seems so cheery that Leslie begins to suspect he is faking being sad. Ron pulls Tom aside and asks whether he could ask Wendy on a date once the divorce is finalized. Tom consents, but is visibly disappointed. Determined to cheer him up, Leslie agrees to compromise her morals and take Tom to his favorite strip club, the Glitter Factory. Leslie is horrified by the club and tries to encourage the strippers to change their lives. Ron is also uninterested in the strippers, but happily consumes the free breakfast buffet.

Tom remains depressed even after Leslie hires a stripper to "grind the sorrow out of him". A drunken Tom tells Leslie that Ron plans to ask out Wendy, prompting an angry reaction from her. Meanwhile, Andy continues his efforts to break up the relationship between Ann and Mark.  Andy challenges Mark to a game of pool with the hopes of hustling him, but Mark turns out to be an excellent player and wins multiple games for double or nothing. Mark and Andy make one final wager: if Andy wins, he gets Ann, but if Mark wins he has to leave them alone. Mark dominates the game but loses when he scratches on the 8 ball. Initially delighted, Andy becomes confused when Ann leaves with Mark anyway. 

Meanwhile, Tom passes out at the bar, and Ron and Leslie take him to Wendy's house. Leslie is shocked to find Wendy is on a date with another man. She storms out after expressing her disgust with Wendy and Ron. The next morning at work, Tom confesses to Leslie that it was a green card marriage, and that he only recently realized he has feelings for Wendy and Andy tells Mark and Ann he will no longer be bothering them. Andy says a final goodbye to Ann and the episode concludes with a Horse singing telegram Leslie has sent to apologize to Ron.

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Tom's Divorce (S2E11)

Tom's Divorce (S2E11)

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