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Tomb Raider Turns 25 - Raiding Tombs With the B

Tomb Raider Turns 25 - Raiding Tombs With the B

Update: 2021-06-25


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Lara Croft's adventure series Tomb Raider turned 25 this year - feeling old yet? - and we wanted to discuss the series with the help of The B. We also asked, friend of the show, Mad C to create some killer artwork for this one and we all agree that it's amazing. Make sure to click through to the full show notes to see the full image.

Speaking of the full show notes, these show notes are a little shorter than the full ones (as they would take forever to download), so make sure you do checkout out the website for the full show notes - here's a link directly too them.

Content Warning

We discuss Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series in this episode, and naturally we had to talk about Lara being used by advertisers and the publishers of the Tomb Raider series for her sex appeal. Thankfully, this was a very short lived period of time - although, it should never have happened at all.

As such, when we discuss Lara Croft in the cultural zeitgeist, we discussed her placement as a sex icon, and the sex appeal that the advertisers leant on her for. As such, this might spark uncomfortable conversations with any little ones who also might listen.

Please listen responsibly.

At 33:30 , B had something to say and we felt that it leaving unedited was warranted. He said:

We still have one hell of a long fucking way to go
- The B

Note from Jay:

In this instance, B was talking about how, as a society, all people are still not seen as equal and given equal rights. And as producer and overseer of this production, I took the decision that we would leave that cuss in there. Not to politicise the show notes of a podcast about video games, but B has a point. And that's why I chose to leave the swear in.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Contact Page, Twitter (DMs are open), or on Facebook if you think that I was in error with this decision.

Show Notes

Remember when Tomb Raider came out? We do, and it turned 25 this year. Twenty-five years old! imagine that.

To celebrate this occasion, we brought The B back on to the show. This was largely because The B and Squidge have an encyclopedic knowledge of video games and when you pair them up, they become a force to be reckoned with.

But in order to do this, we needed suitable Tomb Raider-y names. Our names were chosen for our favourite canon/series of Tomb Raider games - it's a whole thing. We're all big fans of these games, and Jay had taken to streaming Tomb Raider: Anniversary on our Twitch channel - plug, plug - shortly before recording this episode.

Don't make me face my own mortality again!
- The B

But before we could talk about the series, we needed to talk about the intro to the first game and the first level, and just where they take place. Apparently, we had no idea whether it was:

  • Nepal

  • Tibet

  • Holland

  • Venezuela

  • Africa

  • Beirut

  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Eddie Izzard references are cool, right?

  • or New Mexico

And we all agree that Lara Croft seems to be getting younger, whilst we all get older.

Apparently, this is because the newer games are set before the first (chronologically) released game. Which lead Jay to attempt to tell a joke:

I wanted to be a reboot, but they I took an arrow to the knee
- Jay

Which, we can all agree, was a pants attempt at a joke. And not even related to the topic of discussion.

Jay's First Tomb Raider Game

Jay was the first to answer - probably because he's the oldest, or some other nonsense reason - with the first Tomb Raider game on the PS1. Even though his memories of the second game are a little stronger because he liked to use the cheat which made Lara explode when playing the first area of Tomb Raider 2.

Full Show Notes

Make sure to check out the full show notes for more discussion on the points we raise, some extra meta-analysis, and some links to related things.

Which games do YOU think Nightdive should have a crack at next? Is Cate Archer a Disney Princess? Are the three of us old fogies for being upset about how old the PS2 is? What about the Pikachu FujiFilm printer case?

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, leave a comment on the show notes or try our brand new contact page.


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Tomb Raider Turns 25 - Raiding Tombs With the B

Tomb Raider Turns 25 - Raiding Tombs With the B

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