DiscoverSafe For WorkToo Eager? How To Keep Your Cool In An Interview
Too Eager? How To Keep Your Cool In An Interview

Too Eager? How To Keep Your Cool In An Interview

Update: 2019-04-292


So here’s one of the biggest catch-22’s for job seekers: You’re desperate for a certain job, but you can’t *seem* like you’re desperate for the job because no one wants to hire someone who seems desperate! Here with some strategies to prepare for that, along with many other job-interview pitfalls, is Kit Warchol. She’s a writer, consultant and the former executive director of Career Contessa, a site for women making mid-career transitions.

Then, we’ll hear from listener Matt who’s worried a new employer won’t be willing to accomodate his standing therapy appointment. And in our Work Pop segment, Liz and Rico will get into the 2010 hilarious comedy “The Other Guys,” starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, to parse the perils of open office spaces.  

Finally, listener Indigo is struggling at a position where she has nothing to do at work. Liz and Rico discuss why this seemingly enviable job situation is actually the worst, even if you can look at cat videos on YouTube all day.

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Too Eager? How To Keep Your Cool In An Interview

Too Eager? How To Keep Your Cool In An Interview