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Tools for a Great New Year

Tools for a Great New Year

Update: 2022-01-10


So, the noise is dying down on New Year’s resolutions. That’s good because studies show most New Year’s resolutions fail.

But you still have the balance of your new year still ahead of you.

How can you make it a great one?

There are better approaches than New Year’s resolutions.

Listen in on conversations with our expert guests for practical ideas you can use to build new habits, better align how you spend your time with your core values, exercise more, eat right, track your progress against your goals, be happier, have more fun – and be more kind to others.

Scroll down to the links to the full podcast conversations on the ones that resonate most with you.


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Build New Habits:

Tiny Habits Can Lead to Big Changes – BJ Fogg

Live Your Values:

How to Live a Values Based Life – Harry Kraemer

Get Your Exercise in Different Ways:

The Joy of Movement – Kelly McGonigal

Eat Right:

Take Charge of Your Well-Being – John La Puma, MD

Track Your Goals:

Smarter Tomorrow – Elizabeth Ricker

Be Happier:

Retire Happy – Dr. Catherine Sanderson

Have More Fun:

The Power of Fun – Catherine Price

Be Kind:

The Mind-Body Connection and The Rabbit Effect – Kelli Harding


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Tools for a Great New Year

Tools for a Great New Year

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