DiscoverHam Radio Crash CourseTop 10 Questions Missed On The Ham Radio Technician License Exam
Top 10 Questions Missed On The Ham Radio Technician License Exam

Top 10 Questions Missed On The Ham Radio Technician License Exam

Update: 2021-04-02


On this week's episode of Ham Radio Crash Course, a podcast roughly
based on amateur radio but mostly made up of responding to emails from
listeners, hosted by Josh Nass - KI6NAZ and his reluctant wife, Leah -
KN6NWZ, Josh talks about the top ten questions people get wrong on the
Technician exam. We really shored it up this time, got it under 3
hours despite the many requests to make it longer. We honestly would
but have you ever heard of this amazing thing called sleep? We
recently found out about it and turns out, we love it.

Don't forget the Chameleon EmComm II Antenna giveaway with a secret
word hidden in the March 26, 2021 podcast. Giveaway ends April 8, 2021
5pm PST. Link to giveaway here:

Link to the farm/ranch stay campsite that had a glamping tent as well
as deluxe camp site and regular campsites in the Cleveland National
Forest, owned by a ham.

Ham Radio Minute: Josh suggests that there's a time and place for
antenna tuners.

Drinks: We moved the drink review to the front. If you want to drink
along with the podcast, we're having a Marshmallow Stout and a Porter,
homebrewed by our friend, HRCC admin and organizer of Ham Radio Club, Matt Q. Both excellent, thank
you so much Matt!

Podcast Reviews: We, like, really like reviews. Thanks for those
iTunes ratings. They help the podcast reach more people to grow the

Leah’s Email Second Story Addition That Makes Architects Cry: We
answer emails. Yes, we know this is a long segment but we value our
“field correspondents” because they add value.

Turns out the www. portion of the web address is important. For online

ISS Frequencies:

Here is what the ISS QSL card looks like and Leah wants one.

Check out Don KE5ADX's youtube channel! He just posted his first

Links regarding the origins and meaning of 88.

Check out Jeff KJ7UHH's YouTube channel Make it and fix it  where he
does a lot of cool videos including bushcraft at

Weathervane Rooster Antenna on QST:

Loma del Toro DX Club in the Caribbean:

Video on antenna placement, helpful for those who may be in an HOA:

You can email Leah if you want something discussed on the podcast at

General Crash Course: Josh gets tripped up again. Leah laments the
difficulty of the General exam questions.

Show topic: What are the 10 most missed questions on the Ham Radio
Technician License Exam? Did you get them right?

Thank you all for listening to the podcast.  We have a lot of fun
making it and the fact you listen and send us feedback means alot to

You can email Leah with shirt ideas and show ideas at

Want to give use a review?  Hit us up on iTunes.  We appreciate it!

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Top 10 Questions Missed On The Ham Radio Technician License Exam

Top 10 Questions Missed On The Ham Radio Technician License Exam

Josh Nass KI6NAZ