DiscoverHow to Scale a Video BusinessTop 3 Lessons from this unusual year. EP #146 - Den Lennie
Top 3 Lessons from this unusual year. EP #146 - Den Lennie

Top 3 Lessons from this unusual year. EP #146 - Den Lennie

Update: 2020-12-31


Today, Den delivers unto thee 3 top lessons of 2020. In other words, you're gonna hear 3 proven and battle-tested ways to grow your video business.

Here's a peek at what you'll hear:

  • Want to know how Navy Seals make swift, calculated, and intelligent decisions when the shit hits the fan, ceiling, and walls? (Then read the book Den mentions at 1:20 - Perfect book for business owners who get a bad case of the "hems and haws" when faced with big decisions.)

  • The "EO" secret to winning when times are tough, painful, and miserable, like, for example, ALL of 2020! - 1:55

  • It's no secret biz owners in the "live events" industry got smashed in 2020. (Well, that's what makes some of Den's coaching client's success stories so amazing. You see, some of Den's most successful coaching clients had businesses that relied on doing live events. Yet, despite COVID 19, they are prospering wildly thanks to some brilliant advice, strategies, and ideas they received from Den's Video Business Accelerator Program.)

  • An ugly and disturbing truth most business owners are too afraid to accept or acknowledge. - 4:10

  • Why many filmmakers who obsess over technology and always have the latest and greatest video equipment often have struggling businesses. - 4:48

  • Two “laughably simple” ways to goose your focus, boost your sales, and grow your business. (One way is to delete every app from your phone except for two apps Den mentions at 5:30 , and the second way is even easier, and far more impactful.)

  • A secret way to market your business that cuts through all the noise and gets your perfect prospective clients to chase YOU down. (Surprisingly, whenever Den mentions this viciously effective marketing secret to one of his clients, they resist it. That is until they try it and see the results! - 6:30 )

  • Boston man explodes his filmmaking business thanks to Den's wily ways. - 7:00

  • Shockingly good Accelerator Business case studies. - 8:00

  • Where the REAL money is in the video business. Den gives the nitty-gritty details at 10:20

  • The strange (but true) way creativity can send a video business owner to the poor house. - 10:45

  • A pitiful mindset (or expectation) many video business owners have when approaching new jobs that ultimately stunts their business's growth. - 11:10

  • Eye-opening email marketing insights nobody told you about. - 14:00

  • The clumsy thing most filmmakers do with their marketing that undermines ALL their marketing efforts. - 14:50

  • How to land a client in 30 days - 15:20

  • The skid-mark on the underwear of filmmaking marketing. - 15:30

  • The one-hour habit that can potentially skyrocket your business's profits. - 16:30

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Top 3 Lessons from this unusual year. EP #146 - Den Lennie

Top 3 Lessons from this unusual year. EP #146 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie