DiscoverFiring The ManTop 5 Strategies for our Q4 E-Commerce Businesses
Top 5 Strategies for our Q4 E-Commerce Businesses

Top 5 Strategies for our Q4 E-Commerce Businesses

Update: 2020-09-01


Episode 36

In this episode, we will talk about 5 Top Strategies for our Q4 E-Commerce Businesses. Everyone is aware of the inventory problems Amazon is currently facing. Well, with Q4 closing in, we want to give you the best tips and strategies on how you can maximize your sales during this season and after. 

Let’s start digging into these five strategies that Ken and I use in our own businesses, as well as some resources, that can help you get out in front even during the struggles of the pandemic.

[00:01 - 10:46 ] Maximizing Your Q4 Strategy By Increasing Order Size

  • Opening Segment - What we will cover
  • We talk about the importance of Q4 prep
  • Why we love maximizing Q4
  • Inventory management is huge in Q4
  • Try to forecast - Increasing order size
  • Use the historics from last Q4 and add 25-35% of that

[10:47 - 20:22 ] Utilize FBM

  • Be able to switch tactics in case of inventory restrictions 
  • Your fulfillment options
  • Ken’s mistake not using FBM
  • Story about fulfillments
  • Ways around unit limitations on Amazon

[20:23 - 29:22 ] Organizing and Managing Inventory

  • How to quantify how much a stock out will be
    • Using for inventory management
  • How can help you manage and organize inventory 
    • Automatic PO 
  • We talk about getting in front of more customer - expanding sales channels 
    • Email marketing and expanding to other sales channels 
    • Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Walmart, etc… 
  • Don’t sleep on Ebay
    • Facebook Marketplace and Google for Retail also have buyer potential 
  • Click the link to other episodes below to find more episodes on expanding sales channels

[29:23 - 34:31 ] Email Marketing

  • We talk about sales coming in because of email marketing
    • How it will be useful for upcoming holiday sales and after
  • How to generate an email list
    • Use something of value that people will give their emails for
  • Make sure to capture that valuable Q4 traffic
    • Convertkit & and for a budget Gmass 
  • Pro-tip
    • Paid someone on Fiverr to create an ebook to look 3-D

[34:32 - 40:51 ] Conversion Optimization

  • The value of utilizing conversions
    • Double sales just by increasing conversions
    • Convince more people the product is for them
  • Add videos to increase click-throughs 
    • Increases conversion by 5%
  • Importance of Split testing
    • Links to sites that allow you to split test below
    • Split test your A+ and AB
  • Final words from Ken and me
  • Closing Segment

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Top 5 Strategies for our Q4 E-Commerce Businesses

Top 5 Strategies for our Q4 E-Commerce Businesses

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