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Top Survival Horror Games - Part One

Top Survival Horror Games - Part One

Update: 2020-03-13


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Squidge and Jay are back in the recording booth at Waffling Taylors HQ. This time, they talk about their favourite Survival Horror games. Each Waffler brought their top three favourites, and are tasked with describing why it should be considered one of the best in the genre.

Which games did we choose? You'll have to listen in order to find out.

Because we discuss survival horror games, this episode may not be suitable for young ears. Please make sure to listen responsibly.

Also included in this episode is a silly competition: can you guess what we're quoting? If so, get in touch via the comments on the full show notes, over on Twitter, or on Facebook. The competition only runs until episode 72 is released (which is due to drop on March 20th), so get your guesses in now!

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Top Survival Horror Games - Part One

Top Survival Horror Games - Part One

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