DiscoverThe Healthy Rebellion RadioToxicants From Fat Loss, Gallstones and Keto, Food Sensitivities | THRR005
Toxicants From Fat Loss, Gallstones and Keto, Food Sensitivities | THRR005

Toxicants From Fat Loss, Gallstones and Keto, Food Sensitivities | THRR005

Update: 2019-11-222


Toxicants From Fat Loss, Gallstones and Keto, Food Sensitivities, White Fish Insulin Release, Adequate Potassium, and Meals Per Day When Working Out Twice.

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Show Notes:

News topic du jour
Toxicants in fat loss from bariatric surgery

1. Number of Meals Per Day When Training Twice a Day and When to Add Carbs [10:15 ]
Brian says:

I train muay thai two times a day i start with a 10km run then go into training at the gym with pads bag work clinching sit ups push ups ect all fasted.  Then have two meals before afternoon training and was wondering what the optimal amount of meals and timing of carbs should be because i cannot find consistency with my energy and focus.


2. Gallstones & the Keto Diet [14:16 ]
Adrianna says::

Hi Robb and Nicki-

I hope this finds you both well. I’m hoping you can shed some light on an issue that’s recently surfaced. After a recent trip to the ER, I was diagnosed with gallstones. Since it was my first attack and they aren’t large enough to warrant surgery yet, I’ve been put on watch and wait. My doctor emphasized sticking with a low fat diet, but from the preliminary research I’ve done, I’m pretty sure it was the years of a low fat/high carbohydrate diet that contributed to this issue.

I’ve been on the keto diet for several months, but have been generally low carb for the past year. I’m 37 years old, a mom to two little boys under 3, and have about 40 pounds left to lose.  At this point, I’m most concerned with keeping my gallbladder but feel paralyzed when it comes to choosing the right diet. I thought I had it all figured out with the keto diet, but now I'm not sure how to proceed. I’m assuming that my increased fat intake on keto simply brought the gallstones to light and that it was not the root of the underlying cause. I can’t tolerate high fat at the moment (instant pain), so I’m thinking that a paleo approach might be the best fit for me right now. I’d appreciate any insight you have on diet and gallstones, and what I can do minimize my risk of needing surgery. Any supplements you’d recommend would be appreciated too.

Thanks so much for your time.




3. White fish and insulin release [17:56 ]
Shane says:


Keep up the good work. You had some work posted from Marty Kendall on FB about different foods and their affect on insulin release (insulinogenic?). I have a question:  Why does white fish cause a high amount of insulin release? Is this experiment or data only telling us part of the story? Was it cod, halibut etc.? With all the benefits of eating white fish should we curtail the amount we eat based on this data?

Maybe you can answer this in a future podcast or however is easiest.

Thank you!


4. Ingesting adequate Potassium [22:36 ]
Margot says:

Hi, Robb! Do you know where the recommendation came from that says that adults should consume 4700 mg potassium per day? Unless you want to down beet greens and avocados (and a few other foods) all day long, it's kind of difficult to consume that much potassium daily from lo carb foods. And, given that the recommendation is to not take too much potassium in the form of supplements, you're supposed to get most of it from food. Could you please discuss this topic on a future podcast? You've always been very helpful answering my questions at conferences. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


5. Asthma Food Sensitivities? [25:48 ]
Jonathan says:

Hey guys, thanks for the great content.

My girlfriends son (11 years old) has severe asthma and in listening to your content I’m thinking there may be a wheat/gluten or dairy intolerance that is causing his issues. What do you recommend as the best method for checking those food sensitivities other than an elimination diet?




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Toxicants From Fat Loss, Gallstones and Keto, Food Sensitivities | THRR005

Toxicants From Fat Loss, Gallstones and Keto, Food Sensitivities | THRR005