DiscoverThe DailyTrapped in Syria, Part 2: A Plea to Parliament
Trapped in Syria, Part 2: A Plea to Parliament

Trapped in Syria, Part 2: A Plea to Parliament

Update: 2019-10-2244


Yesterday on “The Daily,” we met Kamalle Dabboussy, who said his daughter had been tricked by her husband into joining the Islamic State. His daughter and three grandchildren are being held in a Syrian detention camp for the relatives of ISIS fighters.

When we left off, Mr. Dabboussy had just received a call from a journalist that suggested his family’s situation was about to become far more precarious. President Trump had announced that he would withdraw U.S. troops from the Syrian border, and Kurdish forces who had been guarding the prisons were expected to abandon their posts, leaving the detainees’ lives in imminent danger.

Today, we follow Mr. Dabboussy’s struggle to convince the Australian government that his daughter and her children are worth saving — despite their ties to the Islamic State.

Guest: Livia Albeck-Ripka, a reporter for The Times in Melbourne, Australia, spoke with Kamalle Dabboussy, whose daughter Mariam is trapped in Syria with her children. For more information on today’s episode, visit

Background coverage: 

  • Here’s the first episode in this two-part series, in which we introduced Kamalle Dabboussy and his fight to bring his family home from a war zone.
  • Mr. Dabboussy is one of a cohort of parents in Australia lobbying the government to help release their loved ones from detention camps in northern Syria. 
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Thomas Franklin

death to the new York Times. you scum rat rag. may all you're "journalists" be executed

Oct 22nd
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Declan Matthews

amazing journalism, a hard listen. Is there a fund we can donate too?

Oct 22nd

Troy Robertson

This sympathetic portrayal of genocidal extremists is the kind of leftist cultural masochism leads people to vote for Trump. These women are ISIS brides! They chose to give up their comfortable lives in the West in order to join an Islamist caliphate that beheaded, burned people in cages and kidnapped non-Muslim women to be sex slaves. What a load of garbage to suggest that now these women are "afraid" of ISIS fighters coming for them. These women are ISIS! Why is the NY Times implying that we in the West should show compassion for terrorists who would burn us all in cages again tomorrow if they had the chance?

Oct 22nd
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Trapped in Syria, Part 2: A Plea to Parliament

Trapped in Syria, Part 2: A Plea to Parliament