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Treating Your Mind, Body, & Soul Holistically w/ Dr. Nicole LePera

Treating Your Mind, Body, & Soul Holistically w/ Dr. Nicole LePera

Update: 2019-12-03


If you have never heard of Dr. Nicole LePera, aka The Holistic Psychologist, you are in for a treat. A trained psychologist who works to help you understand your capacity to become a self-healer, Dr. Nicole is all about treating the mind, body, and soul to address specific areas of neglect while also considering the whole.

Empower You To Trust Yourself

Practices such as reparenting, trauma bonding and boundary settings are on the agenda today as we dig deep into misalignments and self-consciousness to find a new way to connect. Most of us know that health is not black and white, and it takes a holistic approach like that of Dr. Nicole to understand yourself in all three dimensions to heal your symptoms and stop your internal misalignment. 

If you are looking to teach yourself how to react in a new way, stop your psychological and physiological symptoms or navigate boundary-setting without critiquing yourself, Dr. Nicole is the expert for you. A believer in the importance of objectivity, self-consciousness, and self-exploration, Dr. Nicole is determined to empower each human to trust themselves and what works for them. 

An episode filled with real-talk and practical ways to begin to heal, Dr. Nicole is here to teach you about your body and soul to start living life as the person you want to be. Have you ever considered your challenges and symptoms to be impactful in three different dimensions? Share what you loved about Dr. Nicole’s perspective in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Symptoms that may be a sign of misalignment in your mind, body or soul (17:10 )
  • Learn the two big steps in which change happens and how to start (21:42 )
  • How to navigate your developing state of consciousness without self-judgment (26:20 )
  • Explore the concepts of reparenting and trauma bonding (31:05 )
  • Tips for setting boundaries around your family of origin this holiday season (39:20 )



“Seeking for the underlying cause of whatever symptom it is that we are struggling within our life. Because I am of the belief that there is something deeper down.” (17:43 )

“Becoming conscious, becoming self-observational, watching ourselves throughout the day to identify then the areas where change would behoove us. For some of us, that is in our lifestyle, for me, I know it was.” (23:49 )

“Without consciousness, change, doing things differently, does not become possible.” (24:50 )

“As an adult, as far as I see it, while it was not our responsibility when we needed people to help us while we were children, as an adult it is now our responsibility to teach ourselves a new way.” (36:04 )

“The bottom line here is, when we define limits, it is for us. For us to continue to navigate these changes, continue to keep these changes as part of our life. And what it might mean is for us to start showing up differently before the others around us change.” (42:59 )

“Our energy and how we feel in our relationships can give us invaluable information.” (56:09 )



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Treating Your Mind, Body, & Soul Holistically w/ Dr. Nicole LePera

Treating Your Mind, Body, & Soul Holistically w/ Dr. Nicole LePera

Steph Gaudreau