DiscoverA Date With DatelineTroubled Waters S.24 Ep.11
Troubled Waters S.24 Ep.11

Troubled Waters S.24 Ep.11

Update: 2020-02-194


Since Friday night’s episode wasn’t On Demand for some reason (theories include a conspiracy involving Hawaiian officials upset with Keith for wearing his Converse on the beach), it's time for a must see(sea)worthy Dateline Classic, Troubled Waters! Josh Mankiewicz is the brave captain, Katie his hard working Chief Stew, and Kimberly his Petty Officer because she’s extremely petty. Discussion includes Julia Roberts movies, double secret recordings at different Mexican restaurants, and we meet Mickie’s new best friend/ nemesis. All that, plus a woman named Tania, Tandy, or Tricia has K&K feeling Sheila Davaloo-conflicted! So strap on your life-preserver and get ready for boat ride into the danger zone with Dateline’s TROUBLED WATERS!

OXYGEN Description: A couple's romantic boat trip turns tragic when a young wife is lost at sea. Did she accidentally drown or was it something more sinister? The case was cold for years until a model with a checkered past goes undercover to find the truth

This episode is lovingly dedicated to Patroni Natalie F and Megan M!!! Thank you so much, fabulous ladies! It’s because of you that this show lives on!!! THANK YOU!!! Remember, you can have access to dozens of bonus full length episodes by becoming a Loving Life Patreon! 

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Troubled Waters S.24 Ep.11

Troubled Waters S.24 Ep.11

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