DiscoverJustice Matters with Glenn KirschnerTrump Urging Republicans to Shutdown the Government
Trump Urging Republicans to Shutdown the Government

Trump Urging Republicans to Shutdown the Government

Update: 2023-09-26


Donald Trump's former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, now adds to his troubles being sued for more than $1 million by his own lawyers for failure to pay his legal bills. This development is on top on Giuliani: being an indicted RICO defendant/co-conspirator in Georgia; being an un-indicted co-conspirator in the federal prosecution of Trump in Washington, DC; admitting to lying about and defaming Georgia state election workers Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman; having his law license suspended in New York; being recommended for disbarment in DC; etc. Glenn wonders if Rudy ever asks himself if he should've chosen another path, given that the choices he's made thus far have landed him precisely where he is at this moment. Then, new reporting on Trump shows his latest incriminating statement, as reported by NBC News: "Trump demands Republicans shut down government to 'defund' his criminal prosecutions." Glenn says there are several problems with Trump's recent hair-brained scheme: first, law informants, including prosecutions, are considered "essential governmental functions" and are exempt from federal government shutdowns. Second, Trump's statements may actually constitute an attempt to obstruct justice. Third, even if not technically a violation of federal obstruction of justice laws, his statements are powerful and admissible consciousness of guilt evidence. Finally, Trump even throws in a little aid and comfort to the insurrections by urging Congressional Republicans to shut down the government to stop the prosecutions against him "and other patriots," an obvious reference to other January 6 defendants.

Trump has created and handed to prosecutors so much incriminating evidence that, once his criminal cases move into court proper, Trump is toast.

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Yvonne Masters

He will do absolutely anything now he is cornered and he'll be extremely dangerous once the realization drops that he can't bs his way out of prison. I hope his phones and other communications are being tapped and there are measures in place to prevent him from fleeing. Watching this situation from afar is so painful. It's like peeling painful sunburn!!

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Trump Urging Republicans to Shutdown the Government

Trump Urging Republicans to Shutdown the Government