DiscoverThe MeidasTouch PodcastTrump gets DESTROYED over and over AGAIN
Trump gets DESTROYED over and over AGAIN

Trump gets DESTROYED over and over AGAIN

Update: 2023-05-05


Welcome to the latest episode of the MeidasTouch Podcast! On today's show, we have a lot to cover, including a major victory for the Department of Justice. The trial of the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group, has resulted in multiple convictions of Seditious Conspiracy. We dive into the details of the case and what this means for the investigations into January 6. We also discuss the latest failed smear attempt by Republicans against President Biden. As usual, their baseless claims have fallen apart under scrutiny, but not before causing more outrage in the far-right news cycle. We also touch on the latest updates of E. Jean Carroll's trial against former President Donald Trump. In other news, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas finds himself embroiled in yet another scandal. All this and more on this episode of the MeidasTouch Podcast! New full-length episodes of the MeidasTouch Podcast featuring the brothers are released every Tuesday & Friday morning. The rest of the week, enjoy our short-form content we call ‘The Mighty.’ If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to rate, review and subscribe.

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Trump gets DESTROYED over and over AGAIN

Trump gets DESTROYED over and over AGAIN

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