DiscoverThe Lincoln ProjectTrump vs Trump Voters - Rita's Story
Trump vs Trump Voters - Rita's Story

Trump vs Trump Voters - Rita's Story

Update: 2020-07-2922


For the last few months, we’ve been gathering stories from voters across the country. Rita is the first of those voters to come on the show. In 2016, she voted for Donald Trump. Today,  she spoke to our host, Ron Steslow, about when she realized she couldn’t vote for him again in 2020, and why she’s doing everything she can to ensure Joe Biden gets elected in November. 

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Oh Rita! You give me hope that America can beat Trump! We have to! I'm not so sure myself or America could take 4 more years - let alone the 167 days we have remaining until the 2021 inauguration! Trump is a depressing, crooked, corrupt lying fool! He's torn my own family & some friends apart! It's very sad! I'll admit - listening to you & Ron made me cry! My Dad is 88 years old & loves his politics... Trump has been so disappointing to him! He worries about his children, grandkids & his great grandchildren's futures! Thank you Rita for sharing your thoughts with us! 🇺🇲 🇺🇲

Aug 7th

Michele Molina

I was so touched listening to Rita. I'm a political animal ( mostly progressive) so I'm always watching what's happening, reading, thinking. I finally understand that middle of the road person who isn't like me with politics, who just woke up to this chaos and wants to fix it. Rita gave me a lot of hope that we, Americans, really can put aside any political differences and retake this country. Our kids deserve the dream of America that we have been afforded, and that Trump and his cronies are trying to dismantle. Thank you for this podcast of hope.

Jul 30th

Grand Master Jacob

Is there a schedule for the podcast? Or is it daily?

Jul 29th

Diane Thompson

this was a wonderful and helpful you too Rita and thank you for sharing your heart!

Jul 29th

Christine O'Connor

I love you, Rita!!! ❤ And I love y'all at Lincoln Project! 😊

Jul 29th








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Trump vs Trump Voters - Rita's Story

Trump vs Trump Voters - Rita's Story

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