DiscoverFORward Radio program archivesTruth To Power | The FBI's War Against Dr King | 9 - 13 - 20
Truth To Power  | The FBI's War Against Dr King | 9 - 13 - 20

Truth To Power | The FBI's War Against Dr King | 9 - 13 - 20

Update: 2020-09-13


This show is about a book called “The FBI’s War Against Dr. King.” It is based on a report by the “Church Committee,” a congressional committee in the 1970s that investigated the FBI’s work against Dr. King in the 1960s.

Join Jake Bush and Hart Hagan for this timely and relevant discussion.

Quoting from the book, "The FBI's War Against Dr. King" ...

“From December 1963 until his death in 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was the target of an intensive campaign by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to “neutralize” him as an effective civil rights leader. In the words of the man in charge of the FBI’s “war” against Dr. King: No holds were barred. We have used [similar] techniques against Soviet agents. [The same methods were] brought home against any organization against which we were targeted. We did not differentiate. This is a rough, tough business.”

“The FBI has acknowledged 16 occasions on which microphones were hidden in Dr. King’s hotel and motel rooms in an “attempt” to obtain information about the “private activities of King and his advisers” for use to “completely discredit” them.”

What else was going on in the country and in the world, in the decade of the 1960s?
- Presidents: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon.
_ Civil rights movement
- Vietnam War
- Cold War, War on communism
- Assassinations: JFK, Malcolm X, RFK, MLK, Fred Hampton

“In 1970, Director Hoover told reporters that Dr. King was the “last one in the world who should ever have received” the Nobel Peace Prize.”

“Shortly afterward, Time magazine chose Dr. King as the “Man of the Year,” an honor which elicited Director Hoover’s comment that “they had to dig deep in the garbage to come up with this one.””

What were some of the actions by the FBI that most thinking people would consider objectionable?
- Wiretapping
- Trying to “neutralize” him.
- Considering him an enemy of the state and an enemy of the people.
- Investigating his ties to the Communist Party USA.

FBI programs used against Dr. King
- Domestic intelligence division
- “Racial matters”

Quoting from the book:

“The FBI’s program to destroy Dr. King as the leader of the civil rights movement entailed attempts to discredit him with churches, universities, and the press. Steps were taken to attempt to convince the National Council of Churches, the Baptist World Alliance, and leading Protestant ministers to halt financial support of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), and to persuade them that “Negro leaders should completely isolate King and remove him from the role he is now occupying in civil rights activities.””
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Truth To Power  | The FBI's War Against Dr King | 9 - 13 - 20

Truth To Power | The FBI's War Against Dr King | 9 - 13 - 20

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