Tubesock Murders

Tubesock Murders

Update: 2021-08-20


Welcome to the season 3 finale here at What Happens in the Woods.

The 80’s in Washington were a hotbed of murderous activity. In 1985, two couples' murders would cause immense speculation and the only clue that the cases are linked, a tube sock tied around the females necks, gives little to no usable evidence. Could this be the work of a serial killer? We now know there were plenty to choose from operating in the state at that time. Or was this just two couples who were at the wrong place and wrong time? With the crimes separated by only a few weeks, it's quite possible. To this day, there are no known leads or suspects as to who would have killed these couples in the woods.

But even the lack of resolution in these cases seems to add to their notoriety. Dubbed the "Tube Sock Murders" or "Mineral, Washington Murders", all one has to do is search for unsolved crimes in the state of Washington and you're guaranteed to see the cases show up.

No one likes to hear that a case has gone cold and it has been years since any update has been made.

It seems incredibly unfair that a family should suffer the loss of one of their loved ones in such a way that is usually discussed on a podcast such as this one. But add to that the failure to hold the criminal accountable and it seems the cruelest of tragedies.

For the loved ones of Ruth Cooper, Stephen Harkins, Diana Robertson and Mike Reimer, our hope for you is the same for any family and friends who have suffered this way; we wish you closure and peace.

We just want to say another heartfelt thank you to everyone who has continued to support us! Join us in congratulating our friend Mandi as the winner of our Logo Tee Giveaway! We hope you love the shirt, Mandi!

Remember, we won’t be gone from the podcast long! WTF Wednesday episodes begin on September 15th.

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Tubesock Murders

Tubesock Murders

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