DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastTuning Into Your Inner Luminary w/ Leslie Tagorda
Tuning Into Your Inner Luminary w/ Leslie Tagorda

Tuning Into Your Inner Luminary w/ Leslie Tagorda

Update: 2020-09-15


Knowing the basics behind your astrological chart can be a benefit to you if you own your own business or even if you are just looking for clarity on your individual decisions. By learning to embrace the parts of your chart that you both like and dislike, you can gain a better understanding of who you are as a whole and how you can use your strengths in ways that you have never considered before.

Key Takeaways

Astrology Can Help You Tap Into Your Innate Wisdom By:

  1. Providing you with clarity on your strengths, weaknesses, and how you can use them to progress yourself and your career
  2. Helping you trust your intuition and the knowledge of your body that you will do what is right for you
  3. Fit the pieces of your life and business together to have the courage to make a big change and bet on yourself

How to Harness Your Strengths Through Astrology with Leslie Tagorda

Leslie Tagorda is a brand strategist who works with online businesses to better understand their astrological chart and how it can help them make aligned decisions in business and in life. Leslie took a big chance on herself and started New Moon Creative Co to help others use astrology to discover and validate the decisions they are making in business and in life. Today Leslie is here to share the reason behind her career pivot and how you can use astrology to fit all of the pieces of your life together.

Pivoting Your Business To What's True For You

Fed up with hiding herself and staying small, Leslie decided to move mountains and create a change that felt in line with her vision. Instead of having fear of jumping into the unknown, Leslie embraces these challenges and leans into the idea of reinvention and evolutionary growth. Astrology will be your guiding light to help you take the leap, trust in yourself, and understand your decision making process better so that you can trust your intuition and listen to the knowledge of your body.

Embracing The Innate Wisdom Of The Stars

2020 is a seismic year in more ways than one. Astrology can help you embrace the spiritual awakening that is currently happening, tap into the archetype of the divine feminine, and use your soft powers to listen to your intuition and make the right decisions for you and your business. Whether you are new to astrology or well-versed in your astrological chart, Leslie is here to help you open up the cosmos and understand what is in store for your future.

Do you pay attention to your astrological chart? How has astrology impacted your ability to get in touch with your body and the world around you? Share what role astrology plays in your life in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • How to get over your self-doubt when deciding to make a big life change (14:50 )
  • The importance of understanding what money means to you and creating money-related goals (18:29 )
  • Why you need to embrace the idea of reinvention when looking at your astrological chart (22:30 )
  • What to do if you don’t like the energy coming from your chart and how to embrace it instead (24:20 )
  • How to become more receptive to your intuition and the divine feminine power (29:30 )
  • Gain an insight into the planetary alignments for 2020 and beyond (34:55 )



“Only a couple years ago did I really start getting fed up with hiding, fed up with keeping small, fed up with not valuing myself.” (8:23 )

“There was always something magical about stars that I was really drawn too. So astrology adding the story behind the science, both of which I love and believe in, just put everything together for me. It was the first click of a few puzzle pieces put together.” (13:56 )

“I think the moral of the story is that if we could only see ourselves and accept ourselves in the way that other people see us.” (21:01 )

“Deciding that we are going to be looking at our charts in this very empowering way, it helps us to evolve and express ourselves and the highest potential. That’s what lights me up about astrology.” (23:57 )

“Our body is this device, and when people say ‘listen to your gut’, of course, because our mind doesn’t live in our gut, but our gut has infinite knowledge.” (32:53 )



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Tuning Into Your Inner Luminary w/ Leslie Tagorda

Tuning Into Your Inner Luminary w/ Leslie Tagorda

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