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Turning 50 and Getting Fit

Turning 50 and Getting Fit

Update: 2018-02-13


Turning 50 and Getting Fit 

In episode 3 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Chris and Jill discuss how they lost weight, got into working out and what they did when they started. They explore a variety of topics about getting stronger and getting more fit as well as what worked for them and what they learned to avoid.

Discussion topics:

  • Starting regular exercise after losing weight
  • Using weights
  • Using personal trainers
  • Staying motivated
  • Class exercises
  • Bike riding outside
  • Achilles heel injury
  • How work out plans are like a recipe
  • Weight and losing it.
  • Weight Watchers
  • Community
  • Avoiding cookies and trigger foods
  • Regular food
  • Weight maintenance

Helpful Tips:
how to maintain healthy food diet while having fun with friends.

In Channel
Eat Well to Live Well with Heather Lentz
In episode #23, Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown talk with Heather Lentz about her opinions about food, diets, her roles as a health coach and director of wellness at at a well-respected green grocery chain and as the founder and director of product development for KOI Gourmet Skincare. She is a certified holistic health practitioner, food wellness advisor and good food advocate. In episode 23, Heather discusses: Food as medicine: Selling food-based supplements, super foods, and proteins, is the pharmacy of the future. Veganism, Paleo/Keto and her belief that people should eat in the way that’s right for them, but there’s no one way of eating for everyone. She thinks that obsessing too much about food gives food too much power and she believes that a lot of it starts with body image. We think we have to look a certain way. She feels our society is in a nasty cycle because we eat to lose weight and then we stress about it and the stress releases hormones that make you unable to lose weight or to gain weight. Heather offers many tips on improving your food program in this episode. See our website article for all the show notes here. Bonus: We will be giving away a free Wheat Grass Beauty Bar from Heather's line. Call the Becoming Elli Voicemail by December 31, 2018  at 330-970-6662. Leave your name, that you're interested in the beauty bar and be sure to include a way for us to contact you.  
Inspirational Messages with Vicki Prussak
Chris and Jill talk with Vicki Prussak in episode 22 of the Fit, Strong Women over 50 Podcast for the Becoming Elli community.  Vicki is a life-long learner, the eternal optimist, a certified wellness coach, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, animal lover, artist, retired belly dancer and jewelry maker. In her latest career, Vicki has developed a line of jewelry to encourage others to stay focused and positive. Vicki's previous careers have included wellness coaching and graphic design for various large corporations.  Vicki describes how she overcame the despair following an accident with her eyes and how she got the weight off after three years of sedentary life following that accident.  As part of that discussion, Vicki talks about eating naturally and how she uses intermittent fasting or, as she calls it, intermittent eating. Mainly, though, Jill, Chris, and Vicki discuss the power of words  and how focusing on the positive improve our self-esteem, increases our ability to make a change. Vicki explains how internal inspiration—those things we say to ourselves—is more powerful that external motivation. It’s this that allows you to use your strengths and natural abilities to excel. During the discussion of the power of positive affirmations, Vicki gives us the three words she uses for her inspiration: feel, focus and flow. Chris and Jill conclude the episode by discussing some healthy tips for the holidays, focusing mainly on how to work in some fitness and how to manage food and alcohol at social events. Links Carry Your Message is where you can find Vicki's jewelry Vicki suggests these sites for meditation: The Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21 day free app Headspace Vicki can be found at these social media locations: Facebook Twitter    Pinterest Instagram LinkedIn  
Janet Palcko - Pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago
In episode 20 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Jill and Chris talk with Janet Palcko about her incredible journey through France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Janet hiked over 800 kilometers (about 500 miles) in about six weeks. In the spring of 2018, Janet Palcko took the epic journey of her lifetime when she walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. The Camino is a pilgrimage to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, where it is said that the remains of Saint James the apostle are buried. The Camino de Santiago is not just one route. Thousands of people walking from their homes throughout the middle ages paved many roads all across Europe, but they all come together like branches of a tree and all arrive at Santiago. Today, thousands of people cover those same routes each year, some for spiritual reasons, others for physical or adventure challenges. But they are all considered Pilgrims along The Way. Janet reminds us that people have been making this pilgrimage for several centuries and today’s pilgrims follow the paths of earlier ones. One of the longest and most traveled routes is the Camino Frances, so named for the starting point in Northwestern France. Janet started her hike in France, crossed over the Pyrenees and then hiked across all of northern Spain.  She did this while carrying everything she needed in her backpack. Janet describes the different places she saw, the variety of people she met, and how she managed to eat, sleep, and adapt along the way. She also shares how she trained for this trip of a lifetime and how she prepared for it. Janet Palcko certainly embodies the Becoming Elli spirit. She’ll make you think that hiking for six weeks is a great idea and that we should all go on this pilgrimage. You can check out the whole trip and over 600 photos at Create an account (I used my Facebook account for a quick and easy login) and then search for Janet Palcko. It’s definitely worth checking out. You can also install an iPhone or Android version of the polarsteps app on your phone and check it out that way. Janet's description of her pilgrimage is fantastic. Enjoy it with us.
Staying Fit through Running with Loretta Harland
Loretta Harland has completed 21 marathons, qualified twice for Boston and was on a winning 8-person relay team (all women) for the Burning River 100. "Being fit and feeling healthy means everything as far as our happiness everyday and hopefully adding some longevity to our lives." She started running in high school, but it was in her 20's that she started challenging herself to run longer distances. Loretta ran her first marathon when she was in her 30's. Now that she is in her 50's, she is competing in triathlons (swim, bike, run.) In June, she won her age division, in her first Olympic distance triathlon (swim 1500 meters, bike 24.9 miles, run 6.2 miles) and in August, she completed the Ironman 70.3 in Delaware, Ohio, (more than twice as far.) "I learned this the hard way... you might think that after a half marathon or even greater distance like an ultra marathon, you should just rest, prop your feet up on the couch, but the best thing you can do is keep moving." In podcast #18 she shares: How she trains Why she keeps running What motivates her What steps she takes to keep her from getting stiff and sore How she keeps things fun Loretta plans to run long distances, play tennis and compete in triathlons into her mid to late 50’s and beyond. Her plan for aging gracefully is to keep active, eat as healthy as possible, challenge her brain by learning new things, and let go of stress. In the Quick Tips section of the podcast, Jill shares benefits of fermented food, why they are so important to incorporate into your diet and discusses various fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso paste, kambuchi and yogurt.
Pros and Cons of The Elliptical
Is the Elliptical a good workout for women over 50? Elliptical controversy was started in Episode #5 when Brian Kennel mentioned his thoughts on the Elliptical. In Episode #17 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Chris and Jill look for answers when they interview a series of experts on their opinions about the use of the elliptical for women over 50. In this episode you will hear: the pros and cons of the elliptical best ways to use the elliptical to get a great workout why the elliptical sometimes seems easy to use what not to do on the elliptical why the elliptical gets a bad rap Experts interviewed include: Sara Renard has her Group Fitness Instructor Certification from AFAA (the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), Personal Trainer certification from NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association.) She is responsible for all of the group fitness instructors at LifeCenter Plus. Jacob, Maria, Andrew and Suzanne work at at Summa Wellness Center: Jacob Weatherbee is a fitness specialist who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Akron and has a certification in Exercise Physiology through American College of Sports Medicine. Maria Stadelman is a personal trainer at Summa Wellness Center and has a bachelor degree from Ohio University in Exercise Physiology. She has been an athlete her whole life. Andrew Oravec is a personal trainer, exercise specialist, and group fitness instructor and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from University of Akron. He is a Certified Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine. Suzanne LaChance is a fitness specialist, personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She is also a certified Zumba instructor and is Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Exercise Physiologist. He holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Akron. Jennifer Stefanik is President of Central Wellness and has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University. She is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Certified Health Coach through American Council on Exercise.  Mark Feakes is the Director at LifeStyles North at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. He has a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from the University of Akron and has many years of experience as a certified personal trainer as well.
Maintain Weight Loss and Health Through Food with Karen Parrott
In today’s podcast, Chris and Jill talk with Karen Parrott, a popular blogger who writes about her weight loss journey and maintaining her weight loss. You can find her blog at Garden Girl, Weight Maintenance and Food Sobriety. In this episode, we talk with Karen about: How she lost 70 pounds How she has kept the 70 pounds off for more than 6 years The food template she uses to select her daily meals How she exercises Karen uses about 20 different weight maintenance tools with abstaining from her binge triggers as the top tool. One of her weight maintenance tools is following a low carb eating plan. She identified foods that cause her problems by following an Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and doesn't eat dairy, gluten, or sugar. Karen says that we all need to figure out what works best for each of us. Some of us can eat a lot of carbs while others cannot.  Perhaps the best advice that Karen gives is not to be apologetic about what you eat or don’t eat. Links: Refuse to Regain!: 12 Tough Rules to Maintain the Body You've Earned by Barbara Berkley MD  Kindle or Softcover The Paleo Solution  Robb Wolf Paleo resource Sarah Fergoso AltShift Diet, Jason Sieb The Four Tendencies   Gretchen Rubin - 23andMe DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis - 23andMe is the first and only genetic service available directly to you that includes reports that meet FDA standards. Use your 23andme raw genetic data to learn the environmental and lifestyle contexts research suggests may be best suited to your genetic polymorphisms. Found My Fitness - A website by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - a Ph.D in biomedical science/expert on nutritional health, brain & aging. The focus is on genetics with a database where you can run your 23andMe report. Promethease is a computer program developed by the SNPedia team which allows users to compare personal genomics results against the SNPedia database, generating a report with information about a person's attributes, such as propensity to diseases, based on the presence of specific single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) Franziska Spritzler - Low carb dietitian Cleveland Clinic Function Medicine Dr. Mark Hyman Satchin Panda, Ph.D.- Salk Institute Rhonda Patrick and Satchin Panda, Ph.D. have worked together on the benefits of a Low Carb diet. Watch this interview to learn more. Gut microbiome may have its own circadian rhythm. Check out My Circadian clock app Dr. Jason Fung Ruth E. Patterson - Fasting and Breast Cancer Valter Longo, Ph.D. The Salt Fix AIP - Auto Immune Protocol (elimination diet) Vinnie Tortorich   NSNG - No Sugars No Grains - Anna Vocino - Eat Happy Ultra runner NSNG Zack Bitter Adele Hite Easy Vintage Meals  Definitions: Hashimoto's Disease: Auto Immune disease High sensitivity C reactive protein (CRP) IRB approved study - Institutional Review Board of the US Food and Drug Administration Intermittent fasting 12:12 or 18:6. Eating early in the day is referred to as Early Time Restricted Eating Otto Warburg Effect BRAF Gene Mutation How to contact Karen Parrott: Blog: Garden Girl Instagram: Karenspaleolife Twitter: @Gardengirl_kp Facebook: Garden Girl KP - Weight Maintenance and more  Pinterest: Gardengirlkp
Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and All-Around Athlete Stacy Rhea
In this podcast, Chris and Jill discuss the 150-mile bike ride Chris rode this summer and their training efforts over the summer. They also talk with Stacy Rhea, a health coach and personal trainer, who participates in all kinds of sports. In her 20’s, Stacy was like many of us. She drank, she ate whatever she wanted, and had no knowledge about healthy living or eating. She also smoked starting at the age of 13. When her father had to have quadruple bypass surgery, Stacy decided to make changes in her own life. Stacy’s journey into health and fitness began with body building where she began to realize the power of nutrition to change our bodies. Stacy is passionate about health. She has helped hundreds of people make healthy changes in their lives and coach them to success in their athletic endeavors. She helps her clients find what they love to do and she works with them on it, whether it’s running, hiking, or even rock climbing. Stacy says, "It's never too early to start working out and it's never too late."  She works with people of all ages, from teens to people in their 60s.  Most of her clients are women though she also works with men. Stacy’s philosophy is: Education is king Health and fitness start with the fork A healthy, fit life takes consistency As a personal trainer, Stacy works with clients one-on-one to help them improve their fitness. As a health coach, she may work with clients virtually and widens the focus of her services to include all aspects of healthy living. In this episode, we discuss: Getting Ohioans Healthy Again Most important things for women over 50 to know and do Importance of food in keeping us fit and healthy Bicycle racing and velodromes The difference between a health coach and a personal trainer Links: Cleveland Velodrome Fitness Food   Stacy’s contact info  email:  Website:  FB:  
Healthy Eating for Women Over 50 with Nutrition Expert Becca DeVenzio
What is Healthy Eating? In today's Becoming Elli Podcast for fit strong women over 50 Jill and Chris talk with nutrition expert Becca DeVenzio. Becca is extremely passionate about helping people to reach the goals they set for themselves and believes that living a healthy lifestyle can really change a person’s life. Her love of fitness and nutrition started at a young age when she began dancing in elementary school. Throughout high school her interest for health continued to grow, so when she started college at Kent State University, Nutrition seemed like a perfect match. Becca received a bachelors degree in Nutrition with a minor in Health Communication, and has recently completed her Masters degree in Nutrition. In today's podcast we discuss: * How she defines a healthy diet * Well rounded diet of balanced food groups * How she defines mindful eating:  not watching TV,  watch what you're eating,  paying attention how much you're eating and listening to body cues * Why she is not a huge fan of the BMI calculator * What is the right mix of protein, fats and carbohydrate * Ingredients that people eat when they eat Mediterranean style * The common issue so many of her client's have * How she deals with the small size of a serving of cooked pasta * What about artificial sweeteners? * Foods that may help combat dementia and promote brain health * How words used on packaging can cause confusion about healthy options * Advertising claims that send up red flags * Why reduced fat or reduced sugar causes other concerns * What to look at when you read the label and what to look for * What to carry for fuel on a long bike ride * Thoughts on coconut oil, snacking and bacon She can be reached directly at or by emailing us at or and we will pass your questions on to her.
Improving Balance and Mobility with Jill Rango
Jill and Chris talk with Jill Rango, a balance and mobility expert, on Episode 12 of the Becoming Elli Podcast. She is "Fall Proof" certified instructor from the Center for Successful Aging developed by Dr. Debra Rose, who was recognized by the National Council on Aging as one of seven programs nationwide that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. "It is never to late to improve your balance... and it's never to early to work on improving your balance." Jill Rango gives us tips to improve our balance, flexibility and mobility that can make such a big difference in helping us to keep from falling. Lighting and Vision Difference in surfaces Mobility - walking is controlled falling Balance and strengthening on both left or right legs Fear of falling during the last third of life Situations with medications, vision, the home and exercise Resistant equipment for balance- bands, free weights, tubes, water Flexibility training for ankles, hips and spine The one common activity that is great for heart, lungs, frame of mind, but does NOT improve strength and balance Common posture problems and how to make some easy changes Every inch of head forward puts 10 pounds of pressure on your spine One traditional exercise that instantly and easily improve balance How fear of falling puts you at risk for falling Why you should consider hiking with roots, rocks and things you need to step over When to walking like a penguin is a good idea    
How Nancy Jasperse Lost Over 150 Pounds and Kept It Off for Two Years
How Nancy Jasperse lost over 150 pounds and has kept it off for 2 Years “Love Yourself more. Love yourself more to take care of yourself before others.” “My mother’s death scared me into weight loss research.” “Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and start over. Every day is a new day. Move past it.” In Episode # 10 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Jill and Chris interviewed Nancy Jasperse about: Her struggles with weight Yo Yo dieting a teen, into college and gaining weight through 3 pregnancies How she cleaned up her lifestyle What she eats now to maintain the weight loss Where she gets her exercise inspiration How she navigates restaurant meals Her Sunday meal prep routine In the tips sections, Jill and Chris share their thoughts about restaurant eating to maintain a weight loss. Nancy said she has always struggled with her weight. This is her story: “As far back as elementary school, I was always the biggest and sometimes tallest kid in the class. I think my love of food started around 4th grade or so. My father was in the Navy and was out to sea often. When he was gone my mother used food as both a reward and a coping mechanism when things didn't go as planned for me. I don't fault her for this, she was raised the same way.” By high school, I was maxed out on clothing options. Lane Bryant was the only clothing store I could buy pants. So I decided to diet! I didn't know one thing about nutrition, so I basically starved myself, eating handfuls of raw vegetables and spoonfuls of peanut butter. The weight came off, but of course that wasn't manageable long term. College brought on more yo-yo dieting. With each year, I'd go up and down in weight. Right around my senior year of college, I found myself engaged and excited to plan a wedding. So dieting kicked into high gear. Shortly after getting married, I got pregnant with my first child. It was during this extremely stressful first year of motherhood, my weight gain exploded! Instead of bouncing back, I gained 100lbs. It was the first time I'd see the 300lb number on the scale. As scary as seeing that number was, it didn't stop me from getting pregnant two addition times -- High risk from start to finish each time. Just as before, with each baby brought on a stressful year. I gained 72 more pounds. My highest weight was a whopping 372lbs. When I saw this number, I was terrified. I didn't know where to start. I knew nothing about weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. But I decided the best thing I could do was try and reduce what I was eating and take a small walk each day with my children. Within the first few days, I'd lost 20lbs. Looking back, I know this was a lot of water weight and my body telling me it was so happy to have some water and a walk! Sadly, what happened next in my life changed everything. My mother died unexpected. One day I was playing Scrabble at my dining room table with her and the next day she had a massive stroke. She was 54. I was 29 with three children. Her death scared me into weight loss research. I knew I needed to clean up my lifestyle if I intended to watch my children grow up. I wanted to be more active with them, run after them, not be exhausted from simply hauling them out of car seats and walking them into school! Simple tasks at 350+lbs were so very tiring. I researched Weight Watchers, Atkins, Keto, SlimFast, calorie counting, liquid diets, salad only diets, every fad diet you can imagine. I settled on calorie counting. Added MyFitnessPal to my smartphone and started tracking all the food I ate. I continued walking around my neighborhood. And in just a couple of months, I had lost 50lbs. Then the dreaded plateau hit. I was stuck! The research started again. I decided to add lifting a few weights at home and walking. After a few weeks, I broke the plateau. The evolution from 372lbs to just under 200lbs took just over three years. here were several rounds of plateaus and calorie adjustments. I changed up my diet a few times, around every 7 or 8 months to shake up my metabolism. I believe long term weight loss is possible if you're willing to branch out and try new things, both nutritionally and physically. I've maintained my weight loss for just over two years. Lately, I've used the Keto (ketosis) method to keep myself in check. Every now and then I'll check a keto calculator to make sure I'm eating the correct amount of macros/calories. You can find a keto calculator by simply googling "keto calculator" and entering in a few basic pieces of information such as height, weight and age. Such a helpful free tool to use! Just recently I've decided to try to get to 185lbs. Let's cross out fingers and hope I can get there!
Healthy, Fit and Active - Interview with Brian Kennell
In episode #5 of Becoming Elli, Jill and Chris talk with personal trainer and business owner,  Brian Kennell about: Muscle Mass Interval Training Strength Building Cardio Training He's got more than 15 years of experience, working at sports performance facilities and a medically-based fitness facility - as both a trainer and manager. With his personal training business, BKennellFit, he trains people at a location of their choice – at a park, on the trails or at their home. He said he has noticed that women over 50 are asking him different questions. "Instead of focusing on losing weight to be healthier -- yes, that is part of it, but there is more to it than that -- the things my female clients over 50 are asking me are more performance based, more health based, more fitness based instead of just 'Can you help me lose weight?'' 'I want to be able to run a 5K with my kids, and not be in pain during or after.' or 'I want to go skiing with my husband this winter. Can you get me in shape for that?' It's what your podcast is all about." "If you want to lose weight, it's a different formula. If you want to be healthy, if you want to be fit, if you want to be active, it's a different formula than weight loss." Education: He has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology/Adult Fitness, both from The University of Akron. Brian wrote his Master’s thesis on a popular supplement ingredient and also had a poster presentation at ACSM National Conference. Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer TRX Certified Background: While he was not very athletic as a kid, he loved sports but felt that he didn’t really excel at anything. After he began lifting weights in college, it all came together. Since then, he has competed in natural bodybuilding competition, started training for powerlifting, ran a half marathon, and is training for a full marathon.
Meet The Hosts of the Becoming Elli Podcast
Episode number 2 of the Becoming Elli podcast introduces Chris Brown and Jill McCauslin, the hosts and publishers of Becoming Elli - where women over 50 inspire each other to become fit and strong. This episode gives a short background on the hosts and provides an idea of what the Becoming Elli podcast, website and community will focus on. It also includes ideas on how to find workout friends. In episode #2 Meet the Hosts of the Becoming Elli Podcast we discuss: How we got inspired to create Becoming Elli Why is it called Becoming Elli Why becoming part of a fitness community makes such a big difference Why we feel it's important to develop a community of like-minded How we are working toward becoming fit and strong How we changed our attitudes towards food, exercise and being active Tips Segment: How to meet other people to workout with Links mentioned in this episode: – a website and an app for “athletes” who run and bike. Through an app on your phone you can become friends with other people and cheer them on with comments and “kudos”. – a website and an app to track steps, calories used and work-outs. Uses wearable technology (zip or watch synced with your phone.) – a website that helps people in the same area with similar interests find each other (No, it’s not a dating app!) Becoming Elli Facebook group – We are considering creating a closed Facebook group where the Becoming Elli community can meet to inspire each other and share info. Please email us with your thoughts or leave a comment below.
Interview with Personal Trainer Maria Stadelman
Welcome to the first episode of the Becoming Elli Podcast – where women over 50 inspire each other to become fit and strong. In this first episode of the Becoming Elli podcast, we talk with personal trainer Maria Stadelman. Maria has worked with many women over 50. She says that more women of this age are becoming interested in learning how to “lift heavy weights.” We talk about exercises, healthy eating, and staying motivated. Furthermore, we discuss: Why weightlifting after the age 50 is so important for women over 50. Practical reasons why this makes sense “Must have exercises” to help you get the most out of your limited time How to multi-task while exercising. (Yes, you can learn something new while improving your fitness at the same time!) How to change your mindset about exercise What is “HIIT”? What is the minimum amount of time needed to get any benefit from exercise? How many exercises are needed as a minimum to begin to see a difference? What common mistakes to avoid when exercising? (And as a result, stay healthy!) Ways to address different muscle groups and stay motivated Why she feels eating pasta and carbs – “eating Italian” in moderation consequently keeps you satisfied Maria’s credentials: Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Personal trainer Athlete – soccer player, marathon runner, triathlete Please listen to the inaugural Becoming Elli podcast. We’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment for us on the Becoming Elli website or on our Becoming Elli Facebook Page.
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Turning 50 and Getting Fit

Turning 50 and Getting Fit