Twin Flames And Soulmates

Twin Flames And Soulmates

Update: 2021-06-061


There is a ton of information and discussion in the spiritual community about Twin Flames and Soulmates.  These are deep questions about the nature of love and soul.  Here I explore what I could find from Q'uo and other channelings as to a possible truth regarding Twin Flames And Soulmates


You might think there is a simple answer to questions regarding soul mates and twin flames, but that is not the case. Relationships are the spice of life for the evolving soul, and if they were easy and simple, you would not continue to grow and evolve. You would not be challenged to go deeper within yourself and discover where you have been blocked, where you have given away your power, and where you have fragmented yourself. The possible configurations of relationships are incredibly complex. The reasons for this will become clearer once we differentiate between soul division and soul fragmentation. Again, this is a topic we have covered briefly in other writings, but now it is time to go into more depth.


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Twin Flames And Soulmates

Twin Flames And Soulmates

Brian Scott