DiscoverThe Economist PodcastsTwist of faith: religious hatred in India
Twist of faith: religious hatred in India

Twist of faith: religious hatred in India

Update: 2022-01-262


As the country celebrates its secular constitution, we examine the rising bigotry of Hindu nationalists—at best tolerated and at worst encouraged by the ruling party. China’s propagandists are onto something: after years of dull jingoism, the entertainment they put out now is glossy, big-budget and ever more watchable. And why South-East Asia’s obsession with otters poses a threat to them.

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Richard Fisher

Can we please have more effort to not obfuscate by omission? The victimhood narrative painted here is too predictable, there are some folks who are all about minority rights when in the West, but back in lands where they are the majority they care not for minority rights. it is fascinating story about India and the splits along religiouslines there, post Independence the nation tore itself apart as these groups sort power and control, so much for diversity being strength! diversity was what pulled India apart, is it did Rwanda, Nigeria, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Sudan... The same investigation needs to be made in Pakistan where non Muslims and Ahmadiyya are discriminated against in the constitution and in practice, it is an apartheid state... I hd a look and couldn't find such a program, maybe it is just me missing it? Further investigations in Arabian lands would be great, lands where no non muslims have any positions of authority, in Saudi especially where atheists are by all classified as terrorists in law, or in Malaysia and Indonesia, or Brunei where the sharia is being increasingly implemented. Or in Nigeria and Sudan where Muslims are killing Christians.

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Twist of faith: religious hatred in India

Twist of faith: religious hatred in India