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Two Days, Two Cities, Two Massacres

Two Days, Two Cities, Two Massacres

Update: 2019-08-0547


In two days, in two cities — El Paso and Dayton, Ohio — two mass shootings have left at least 29 people dead. We look at two stories from one of those shootings. Guests: Simon Romero, a national correspondent for The New York Times, and Jennifer Medina, who is covering the 2020 presidential campaign, spoke with us from El Paso. For more information on today’s episode, visit

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So. In about 30s, the second guy was able to injure over 30 people. I can totally see why civilians need assault rifles.

Aug 5th
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Joel Weekes

it's the preservation of life that prevents a womans right to choose . yet the people in el Paso and Dayton seemed to have their choices removed. I was in Vegas two years ago on October 1. that's my birthday. we weren't on the strip. but we could see right into his room at Mandalay Bay. it was awful. I hurt for all the victims a d their families. it seems so inadequate. I hate the politics of this. but our leaders seeding hate and deviceveness , what else do we expect. I know they've happened longer that D has been in office. in the name of conservativeness there is an attempt to run back the clock on society. if you're not rich and white, you're singled out for hate and bigotry. we have the next election to make a difference. it will be to late beyond that. he and M are packing all the courts in an effort to oppress their will. that isn't what our country is supposed to be about. I'm a comfortable old white guy from the midwest. I can see. why can't others?

Aug 5th
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the greater good has been sacrificed for a minority of assualt weapons owners & their desires to own this ironic, to me anyway, that many who support the legality of military style weapons on the streets of the USA also want to remove a women's right to choose..they call it murder..I am asking wtf do you call this?

Aug 5th
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Thomas Franklin

50 seconds on the second one? dumb fucking show

Aug 5th
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Two Days, Two Cities, Two Massacres

Two Days, Two Cities, Two Massacres