DiscoverStrength in NumbersTyr Symank | Strength in Numbers | Episode 3
Tyr Symank | Strength in Numbers | Episode 3

Tyr Symank | Strength in Numbers | Episode 3

Update: 2020-05-11


This week on Strength in Numbers, your host COL (R) Tim Nye and Neal Keohane talk with Tyr Symank about how Black Rifle Coffee Company is working to support multiple military non-profits, while employing hundreds of veterans. Produced by B. Viral Production; create your next viral campaign and have your company Be Known, Be Seen and Become Viral. Learn more at

Who is Tyr Symank?

Tyr Symank (pronounced Tier Psy-mack) is a Green Beret, occasional medic, failed entrepreneur, struggling writer, and committed father. He served 25 years and counting in the active Army and National Guard, achieving the rank of Sergeant Major. Tyr has years of deployed time both as a soldier and a civilian to Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Asia, Africa, and various countries of interest. Tyr dropped out of University of Oregon’s School of Journalism in 1994 to be a lift operator at Mt. Hood. When the snow melted, he enlisted as a 19K, Abrams Tank Crewman for two years and some college money. Upon arriving at Ft Hood, TX, he tried out for the 1st Cavalry Division’s Horse Cavalry Detachment. Two kids and re-enlistments later, he attended Special Forces Assessment, and was selected to be an 18D, Special Forces Medic. Tyr completed the paramedic portion of his training with FDNY in early September 2001. He deployed to Afghanistan almost immediately after earning his Special Forces tab and Green Beret. His various duties and positions for government entities since have included medic, diplomatic security specialist, intelligence and atmospherics collector, analyst, instructor, operations sergeant, and sergeant major. As an instructor, he has taught at every level from Sub-Saharan tribesmen to university students to federal agents to ambassadors. He is accredited by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Tyr has several divorces and three wonderful children. He is currently a program manager for Black Rifle Coffee Company and a Special Forces company sergeant major in 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He resides in Seattle, Washington.

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Tyr Symank | Strength in Numbers | Episode 3

Tyr Symank | Strength in Numbers | Episode 3

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