U.S. Border: How You Can Help

U.S. Border: How You Can Help

Update: 2019-07-256


Chelsea is joined in studio by advocates, Shannon Camacho and Archana Sahgal to discuss what is actually happening at the U.S. Border and how to help.


Host: Chelsea Handler

Guests: Shannon Camacho and Archana Sahgal

Executive Producer: Conal Byrne

Producers: Sophie Lichterman, Jack O’Brien

Writers: Jamie Loftus, Anna Hossnieh & Sophie Lichterman 

Consulting Producers: Nick Stumpf, Miles Gray, & Anna Hossnieh

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Queen 3beer

Betterhelp, some of us can't afford that🙃

Sep 7th

Philly Burbs

I don't know if anybody we'll see this but Trump can win in 2020 on this topic alone, lots of Democrats do not want millions of immigrants from the southern border into the USA. they are having a hard time paying rent raising their own kids they don't want the responsibility of these people. our roads are falling apart our schools are falling apart Trump cut school lunches for kids wheels on meals for the poor and these people have all these people willing to help them while the black kid in jail in Baltimore is sitting there 2 years without a hearing because he can't afford his Bail is ignored. there is a lot of underlying resentment in this issue. Mexicans in my area, they don't want to assimilate. and are not nice to white people. It's not 100% Trump's fault and I hate Trump. because you're in California and you see this everyday you think all democrats are into saving these people. I believe all Democrats are against the abuse but you have to remember they do not want our country flooded with these people either. you are out of touch if u think that. they will stay home and not vote at all or vote for Trump.

Aug 23rd








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U.S. Border: How You Can Help

U.S. Border: How You Can Help