DiscoverUnf*cking The RepublicU.S. Healthcare: America’s Hypocritical Oath.
U.S. Healthcare: America’s Hypocritical Oath.

U.S. Healthcare: America’s Hypocritical Oath.

Update: 2022-08-20


Today we’re doing some level setting on healthcare in the U.S.—a long requested topic. We navigate this unf*cking based on direct queries from the Unf*ckers, creating a baseline that helps establish a foundation for related features down the road and an understanding of the moving parts and shared language for the challenges we face. Stay tuned, as next week we’re going to delve deep into the Affordable Care Act.


Intro: 00:01:28

Chapter One: 00:02:40

Chapter Two: 00:09:31

Chapter Three: 00:18:32

Chapter Four: 00:32:54

Post Show Musings: 00:38:54

Book Love: 00:46:12

Pod Love: 00:48:03

Outro: 01:12:14


The New York Times: Big Changes Are Coming for Health Care Costs

Health System Tracker: National Health Spending Explorer

GovTrack: H.R. 5376: Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 NHE Fact Sheet

Milton Friedman: How to Cure Health Care

Medtronic: Annual Report

Abbott Laboratories: Annual Report

Stryker: 2021 Comprehensive Report

HCA Healthcare, Inc: Annual Report

Fierce Healthcare: Kaiser Permanente reports $8.1B net profit in 2021 despite shrinking operating income

UHS: Annual Report

UnitedHealth Group: Annual Report

Humana: 2021 Annual Report

Anthem, Inc: Annual Report

Pfizer: Annual Report

Merck & Co: Annual Report

AbbVie Inc: Annual Report

CNBC: The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks

Book Love

Paul Starr: The Social Transformation of American Medicine: The Rise of a Sovereign Profession and the Making of a Vast Industry

Steven Brill: America's Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System

Pod Love

Congressional Dish: CD255: Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)



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U.S. Healthcare: America’s Hypocritical Oath.

U.S. Healthcare: America’s Hypocritical Oath.