DiscoverThe Politics GuysUS v China, Overturning Roe, Apple Lawsuit, Trump’s Immigration Plan
US v China, Overturning Roe, Apple Lawsuit, Trump’s Immigration Plan

US v China, Overturning Roe, Apple Lawsuit, Trump’s Immigration Plan

Update: 2019-05-181


Mike & Jay start this week’s show by talking about the escalating tensions between the United States and China. Mike actually agrees with President Trump that China may pose a significant security threat and that the time to act is now. But Mike feels that the US can’t act unilaterally and hope to succeed. Jay, as a committed free-trader, views trade wars as ultimately self-defeating and believes that President Trump will end up making a deal with China.

Next is a discussion of the recent anti-abortion law in Alabama, which was expressly designed to provide the Supreme Court an opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade. Mike believes that the Court largely got it right in Roe, while Jay sees the decision as judicial overreach. Neither of them think that the current court is likely to overturn Roe, though if President Trump gets any more appointments , that could change.

Following that is a look at the Supreme Court’s decision allowing a major class-action lawsuit against Apple to go forward. Both Mike and Jay believe the five justices in the majority made the right call, though Jay felt that the dissenters also made some strong points. Mike thinks that, regardless of the decision on the merits, the Court allowing this suit to go forward could cause Apple and other tech giants to act less anti-competitively, for fear of future legal action.

The show closes with a discussion of President Trump’s new immigration plan, which calls for a shift from a largely family ties based system to one focused on education and job skills. Mike thinks it’s a reasonable idea, but only if the overall permanent residency caps are significantly boosted, which would make it something that at least some Democrats could support. Jay is less sanguine about the possibility of any deal, but he agrees that there’s a strong case to be made for more legal immigration.

Senate Republican Policy Committee paper on the Trans Pacific Partnership

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Rex Drexler

Love the show. Thanks for all your efforts! However, in my opinion, you guys totally missed the boat in regards to the Apple issue. Your analogies about flags and Singapore don't address (what in my mind) is the central issue, namely that their is no alternative to iTunes for Apple users to buy their apps. Imagine if you bought a computer from Dell and found out that there was software on the computer which prevented you from installing any software except those programs which you could buy on the Dell website. I tend to feel like once I buy my phone, it should no longer be Apple's right to tell me what I can or can't install on it. Much like an auto manufacturer can't tell me what after-market extras I can use on my new car. Placing software in the operating system which prevents app developers from selling their wares directly to Apple phone users and forces users to buy them through the company store is unquestionably (in my opinion) a monopolistic practice.

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US v China, Overturning Roe, Apple Lawsuit, Trump’s Immigration Plan

US v China, Overturning Roe, Apple Lawsuit, Trump’s Immigration Plan

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