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Under The Ropes with Emma Thomas

Under The Ropes with Emma Thomas

Update: 2021-02-10


Emma Thomas is a writer, activist and former Muay Thai fighter living in Bangkok, Thailand. She is the creator of the blog "Under the Ropes", a site for women interested in training Muay Thai in Thailand. Emma and Georgia discuss: 

  •  'We are fighters' a Muay Thai class for survivors of violence 
  •  How Self Defense classes for survivors can do more harm than good
  •  Emma's experience being sexually assaulted by a trainer in Thailand
  •  What it's like to train Muay Thai as a female in Thailand
  •  How power-lifting helped Emma when she stopped fighting
  • Emma's advice for women coming to Thailand to train 

Emma's website is: 

On Instagram Emma is @under_the_ropes:

On Facebook Emma is:

On Twitter Emma is:

The forum Emma discusses to check out before coming to Thailand to train is:

To donate to Bangkok Rising and support survivors of domestic violence on the Thai-Myanmar border:

If you'd like to learn more about my women's online strength training group "Mindful Muscles", email me at or check out my website you so much to Nari for the beautiful song "Shape Me" heard at the beginning and end of this episode. Nari wrote this song about Shape Your Life, a boxing program for self-identified female survivors of violence in Canada. She wrote this song using the words and experiences shared by participants with Cathy Van Ingen. You can find out more about Shape Your Life in my interview with Cathy in Episode 8. You can hear more of Nari's work by going to her Instagram: @narithesaga 

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Under The Ropes with Emma Thomas

Under The Ropes with Emma Thomas