DiscoverThe Remarkable Leadership PodcastUnderstanding Anxiety at Work with Chester Elton
Understanding Anxiety at Work with Chester Elton

Understanding Anxiety at Work with Chester Elton

Update: 2021-08-11


Help. One syllable, four letters, and hard to ask. Chester Elton suggests asking for help doesn’t mean you have given up. It’s just the opposite. Chester is the co-author of the New York Times and #1 USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling leadership books, All InThe Carrot Principle, and The Best Team Wins. His latest book, with Adrian Gostick, is Anxiety at Work: 8 Strategies to Help Teams Build Resilience, Handle Uncertainty, and Get Stuff Done. He joins Kevin to talk about the #1 issue in the workplace, anxiety. Over the past few years, more people are reporting anxiety at work and leaving jobs for mental health reasons. Chester explains there is a generational difference in dealing with anxiety, and younger generations are more comfortable discussing this. Chester shares strategies for leaders at any level to help normalize the conversation and build trust with your team.

In this episode, Chester talks about

  1. Anxiety levels.
  2. The pandemic’s effect on leaders.
  3. Being an ally at work.
  4. The responsibility of a leader in mental health.

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Understanding Anxiety at Work with Chester Elton

Understanding Anxiety at Work with Chester Elton