DiscoverBreak the CeilingUnderstanding Our Money Mindset Lineage with Bear Hebert
Understanding Our Money Mindset Lineage with Bear Hebert

Understanding Our Money Mindset Lineage with Bear Hebert

Update: 2021-01-12


What's YOUR earliest memory of money?

Mine is going with my parents to open my own bank account at our local credit union.

A lot of our experiences with and stories around money come from our childhood: how we saw money handled and what we got told about money, to name a few.

And that stuff sticks with you.

All of us have a completely unique and individual relationship to money that's influenced by not JUST those factors, but also the impact of every decision (good or bad) we've made with our own money and the impact of every decision (good and bad) we've seen OTHER people make with THEIR money.

Your relationship with and access to money is impacted by your societal class, your demographics, and your generational wealth (or lack thereof).

It's also influenced by the society you live in -- and if you're in the US, at least, that means a capitalist society. One where power and money are often interchangeable and where the depth of inequality is stunning -- and only getting more dramatic.

Some of the workaround examining our relationship to our money also needs to examine how the system we live in impacts that relationship. Because it DOES.

Once we understand that, we can start thinking about our relationship to money in a much broader view -- and we can start considering using our businesses as a means to start evening out some of that inequality.

My guest today spends a lot of time thinking about, talking about, and teaching this work.

Bear Hebert is a radical life coach, social justice educator, and anti-capitalist business consultant. In work and in life, Bear actively looks at the intersections of power and privilege and will ask you to do the same, pushing both you and your business in the direction of more liberated moments. Their current offerings include Anti-Capitalist Business Consulting and their online course, Freely: An Anti-Capitalist Guide To Pricing Your Work.
Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The value of doing money mindset work

  • How your relationship to money affects just about every area of your business, including a deep dive on pricing

  • How Bear approaches making their services more accessible 

  • And what accessible actually MEANS in the first place...

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Understanding Our Money Mindset Lineage with Bear Hebert

Understanding Our Money Mindset Lineage with Bear Hebert

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