Undertow by Nicholas John

Undertow by Nicholas John

Update: 2020-08-04


Undertow is a short story by Nicholas John inspired by and featuring music from British acoustic duo Show of Hands. 

Undertow is written and performed by Nicholas John with music by Show of Hands
Show of Hands are Phil Beer and Steve Knightley
The presenter of this edition of the podcast is Karen Cooper
Sound design and editing are by Nicholas John and Chris Gregory

Nicholas John is a writer and music journalist.  You can find out more about him by following him on twitter https://twitter.com/WordSong_

Show of Hands are a folk / acoustic duo from Devon.  The band comprises Steve Knightley and Phil Beer. You can follow them on twitter here https://twitter.com/showofhandsnews.
and visit their website here https://www.showofhands.co.uk/

Given events of the year so far it is more important than ever that you support musicians and performers  wherever possible.  Like all other forms of live entertainment revenue from gigs and performances has completely dried up for most bands and artists.   There is no better way of supporting the music industry than by ordering a CD, digital download or other item of merchandise from artists you enjoy.  If you've enjoyed this podcast please take a listen to more by Show of Hands and consider supporting them by ordering their new album from their online store.  https://smarturl.it/bfielddancefloor

Copyright on the story Undertow: Nicholas John

Publishing Copyright on the song Undertow: (Steve Knightley/MCPS Ltd)
Sound Copyright is owned by Show Of Hands and is used by kind permission of Hands On Music.
The original version of the song Undertow is taken from the Show Of Hands 2006 album 'Witness'









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Undertow by Nicholas John

Undertow by Nicholas John