DiscoverThe Let's Talk Bitcoin NetworkUnhashed Podcast - Shitty Hardware Wallets (w/@NVK)
Unhashed Podcast - Shitty Hardware Wallets (w/@NVK)

Unhashed Podcast - Shitty Hardware Wallets (w/@NVK)

Update: 2020-08-07


On this episode of the Unhashed Podcast: The Brazilian Waxer himself @NVK joins us to talk shitty hardware wallets, FUD vs responsible disclosure, copy-catting in the crypto space, fighting intellectual property battles, Ledger's derivation path bug and email leak, the business of hardware wallets, the dangers of USB, and much more.

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Unhashed Podcast - Shitty Hardware Wallets (w/@NVK)

Unhashed Podcast - Shitty Hardware Wallets (w/@NVK)

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